Lower East Side NYC Ice Cream Crawl

Lower East Side NYC Ice Cream Crawl

#eatingfortheInsta takes on new meaning with an ice cream crawl on the Lower East Side in New York City.  My friends and I took the afternoon to taste and photograph the most delicious and inventive ice cream treats in New York City.

We picked 5 locations that were within a 2 mile walking distance on the Lower East Side. Off we went...!

Stop #1 Ice & Vice
Ice & Vice is known for small batch, unique flavors, that rotate per season, and ice cream pies. It's the perfect kick off for the ice cream crawl. Pictured below: breakfast club ice cream (brown butter banana ice cream with candied bacon waffle pieces) in a birthday cake cone topped with detention ice cream pie (malted vanilla ice cream, marshmallow fruity pebble crust)The cone tasted JUST like funfetti cake and the ice cream flavor combo was salty sweet.
Ice & Vice Lower East Side NYC Ice Cream

Stop #2 Stax Ice Cream
Stax Ice Cream's claim to fame is the cremella or donut ice cream sandwich. You can create your own choosing your donut "sandwich" and ice cream flavor with toppings or pick from their signature cremellas. Pictured below: on the left fruity pebbles cremella (fruity pebbles ice cream topped with sprinkles and matcha drizzile in a glazed donut) and on the right s'more please cremella (s'mores ice cream topped with brownie bites, graham cracker dust and nutella drizzle in a chocolate glazed donut). Talk about a perfect bite!
Stax Ice Cream cremella ice cream donut sandwich NYC

Stop #3 Wowfulls
Keeping with the ice cream mashup, Wowfulls combines a freshly made waffle (in a chosen flavor) with ice cream and toppings. Make your own or choose their tried and true combinations. Pictured below: limited edition pineapple express collaboration featuring pineapple soft serve in a waffle topped with tropical fruit and a mini umbrella! The combination transported me back to Hawaii and the waffle was so light and tasty.
Wowfulls ice cream waffle cone NYC

Stop #4 BingBox Snow Cream
BingBox offers a modern interpretation of the traditional shaved ice with 8 unique combinations of ice cream, shaved ice and toppings which they call snow cream. Pictured below: mango snow cream (mango soft serve with shaved ice topped with lychee, granola and matcha drizzle). It's hard to describe the texture of the creamy shaved ice; it is so refreshing, light and tasty. We also got soft serve peach ice cream topped with chocolate chips served in a waffle cone with matcha Pocky (first photo).
BingBox Snow Cream ice cream shaved ice NYC

Stop #5 10Below Ice Cream
10Below Ice Cream serves Thai hand-rolled ice cream created right in front of you. Time-lapse video is below! They have 12 different flavor combinations. Pictured below: cookie monster (vanilla ice cream with Oreo cookies). The experience of watching them create the rolled ice cream was so fun and it was the perfect tasty end to our ice cream crawl!
10Below Thai hand rolled ice cream NYC

Looking forward to trying more inventive ice cream treats around NYC!

All photos by me and my friend.


The Bostonian's guide to a royal wedding viewing party

Royal Wedding viewing party fascinator and London tea kettle
My mom and I got up early to watch Prince William and Kate's wedding 7 years ago and its a great memory. We got scones and sat in our PJ's, ohhing and ahhing over Kate's dress and watching a fairy tale.

In just a few weeks on May 19th, I am looking forward to repeating this tradition with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's royal wedding. Here's the Bostonian's guide to a royal wedding viewing party:

Buy a fascinator: There are hat stores in Boston that sell fascinators! Head to Marie Galvin Fine Millinery in the South End or Salmagundi in the North End or Jamaica Plain for special pieces. Above is a fascinator I bought for a friend's royal wedding themed bridal shower 7 years ago that I will wear on May 19th!

Get some scones: Flour Bakery, with several locations in Boston + Cambridge, makes amazing scones, so pick up a half a dozen before the sell out! Or, be more adventurous and make your own with their cookbook.

Purchase your tea cup + saucer set: Find a unique tea cup and saucer set at an antique shop like Cambridge Antique Market or the South End Antique Mall. Bonus points for matching kettle. Don't forget the tea!

Decorate!: I love shops like Neatly Nested Design & Decor, Hudson, and Shake the Tree that are sure to have pretty decor pieces for your at home viewing party.

Set your alarm for 6am on May 19th to be all ready for the nuptials! The wedding will start around 7am EST or noon in London. Can't wait!

PS: If you are a looking to show up dressed to impress and to celebrate the royal wedding, my company, Boston Weddings, will be hosting a royal wedding viewing party with and at the Fairmont Copley Plaza. Check out the details here and below!

First photo by me.


Fenway Park Jim Beam Dugout Suite Experience

Red Sox Fenway Park Jim Beam Dugout Suite
This past Sunday, my company had access to the Red Sox's new Jim Beam Dugout Suite at Fenway Park. #workperks We were the 3rd group to experience this new luxury suite that is "dug out" right next to the Red Sox dugout and the photographers section. The view on the field was unlike anything I have ever experienced at a sporting event!

The full Jim Beam Dugout Suite experience starts with on-field access to watch batting practice and continues with a tour of Fenway Park. Our guides were very friendly and knowledgeable, taking us through the history of the park while visiting the Green Monster seats and up to the new Samuel Adams deck.
On field at Fenway Park
 Fenway Park

Included in the suite experience is lunch + drinks at the Royal Rooters Club then we were escorted down to the dugout for the first pitch.
lunch at Fenway Park

The suite is outfitted with seats (capacity is 25 people) looking right on to the field with unique access + view of the players.
View from Jim Beam Dugout Suite Red Sox Fenway Park

It's all you can drink with beer, wine, + Jim Beam canned drinks (which as a non-whiskey drinker, I actually really liked). Classic baseball snacks - Cracker Jacks, peanuts, + cotton candy - are all you can eat as well!

We got some great views of the players in their dugout - hi, Pedroia and Price!
Red Sox Fenway Park Jim Beam Dugout Suite

At one point the first base coaches for both teams came over and were talking to us! Here is the Rays coach.
Red Sox Fenway Park Jim Beam Dugout Suite

One of our guides let us try on his World Series rings - wow, wow!
Boston Red Sox World Series Rings

Thanks, Red Sox, for hosting us for an amazing experience checking out the new Jim Beam Dugout Suite + go Sox!
Red Sox Fenway Park Jim Beam Dugout Suite

PS: See more photos here.

All photos by me.


3 podcasts I am loving right now

Skimm'd from the Couch podcast
Until recently, I had never been much of a podcast listener. For some reason, the ever popular This American Life or Serial (or similar) never interested me. In the morning when I drive to work, I listen to our local radio station Kiss 108's Matty in the Morning (and have been since high school!) and on the way home, I usually listen to country music and sports talk radio or chat with my mom.

In February after the Patriots Super Bowl loss, I needed a sports break(!) and my bestie mentioned a few of her favorite podcasts. Cue me subscribing to several and now I am hooked on podcasts! I gravitate towards funny + light podcasts, rooted in celebrity and pop culture as I seek to laugh and have a little escape when driving.

Here are 3 podcasts I am loving lately:

Armchair Expert: Dax Shepard launched his podcast earlier this year with excellent first guests (wife Kristen Bell, TV wife Joy Bryant and bestie Ashton Kutcher). His most recent interview is with Zach Braff. It's mostly talk on the guests' lives but they also comment on deeper topics like parenthood, society, some politics, etc.

Watch What Crappens: I am a Bravoholic so this one is right up my alley. The two hosts are absolutely hilarious with their commentary on all the Bravo shows and is a must listen for any Bravo fan. I cannot wait for their episodes once RHONY comes back this week!

Skimm'd from the Couch: I read my morning Skimm every now + then but have eagerly listened to the episodes of this podcast from Skimm co-founders as they interview women CEOs/business leaders. Being in the magazine/media industry, I especially liked listening to the second episode with former Vanity Fair editor in chief, Tina Brown.

Other podcasts I listen to include Bitch Sesh, Modern Love, and Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe (for all the dirt in #Bachelornation).

What podcasts do you listen to and love?

Photo by me.


2 cookbooks I can't stop cooking from

Dining in and Healthyish cookbooks
I was in a dinner/food rut earlier this year so ordered 2 new cookbooks to add to my collection:

The hubby and I try to eat healthy the majority of the week, so I do make some swaps or changes to some recipes. I love both these cookbooks because they have unique food pairings, the recipes inspire me to create my own meal, and they are relatively easy recipes for a weeknight (and an average cook like me!).

What I've made so far from Healthyish:
  • Salty watermelon, feta, mint, and avocado salad (added shrimp)
  • Sausage, potato, white bean, and kale soup (did chicken sausage)
  • Chicken and greens sauté with peanut sauce (this peanut sauce is soooo good)
  • Banh mi rice bowls with spicy pork and sriracha mayo (we skipped the sriracha mayo + just did hot sauce of our choice)
  • Baked swordfish with tomatoes, corn, and green beans 

What I've made so far from Dining In:
  • Spelt with crispy sausage, flowering broccoli, and green garlic (I used farro)
  • Crispy chickpeas and lamb with greens and garlicky yogurt
  • Baked eggs with crushed chickpeas, chorizo, and bread crumbs (breakfast for dinner!)
  • Cumin-roasted cauliflower and dates with tahini and pine nuts (had store-bought rotisserie chicken on the side)

Do you have these cookbooks? What are some of your favorite cookbooks?

PS: A few other of my go-to, favorite cookbooks are Cravings and both Skinnytaste cookbooks.

Photo by me.