It's Memorial Day! Let's have a clambake

Happy Memorial Day! Time to officially bring out those white jeans, enjoy the warm weather (boy did we earn it here in Boston) and plan some alfresco get-togethers - maybe a clambake! Anthropologie has some adorable picks to spruce up your next dinner/summer party that I was inspired by.

Clambake inspiration

One word: summer! And thanks to our veterans, and those currently serving, who fight for our freedom.


Cute Bridal Shower Invitations

My brother is getting married this September, and I am excited to be in my future sister-in-law's wedding party! This past weekend, I said "yes to the bridesmaid dress" at BHLDN. We bridesmaids are planning the bridal shower for this summer, and it's been fun to source ideas for the decorations, flowers, and the favor. The venue is set so now it's time to pick the invitations. I have used Minted's Bridal Shower Invitations before and happily found a lot of great options for this bridal shower. A few of my favorites:
Minted bridal shower invitations
(clockwise L to R) Fun mimosa | Trendy chalkboard | Feminine florals | Luxe foil | Font love 
I don't want to reveal which one we picked in case the bride-to-be is reading (though I will share more on her bridal shower after the day)!  

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Last Weekend Scenes: 30th Birthday Edition

Happy weekend! I am still thinking about the fun I had last weekend for my 30th birthday.  Dinner Friday kicked off the celebrations at Ostra and my lobster dish did not disappoint (bottom left). I loved my sequined shift dress from Anthropologie, and on Saturday night, Myers + Chang was the perfect spot to eat, drink and be merry with friends. On Sunday, my official birthday, my mom had a little cake for me, 3 candles for 3 decades!
Thanks again to my friends & family who helped me ring in 30!


Brimfield Antique Show 2015

Brimfield Antique Show
My colleagues from the magazine and I went to the annual Brimfield Antique Show yesterday for an "out of the office" work day. It was day 1 of the show and hot, hot, hot. I love exploring the fields finding treasures. There are so many, we couldn't do them all in one day! I got a $5 pair of earrings, little apothecary chest, and old ink pen.  Till next time, Brimfield!
Brimfield Antique Show
Brimfield Antique Show
Brimfield Antique ShowBrimfield Antique Show


5 words of wisdom on turning 30

Today (May 10) is my 30th birthday! I used to think 30 seemed so daunting and "old". Now, I feel like my early twenties seems so far away, and I am connecting more with a 30-year old version of myself than a 20-year old version. I am a happier person heading into this new decade, and I'm not feeling the anxiety that I thought I would.

I saved a bunch of posts on turing 30 from a variety of writers and bloggers I admire and have re-read them this past week. This article on the Huffington Post was particularly awesome. I decided to do something similar and ask select friends & family to share something about turning 30 or being in their thirties, in just 5 words. It could be a short sentence, adjectives, wisdom, etc.

Here's what they came back with:
(I really need to be more diligent about eye cream!)

From these words, it's going to be a good decade filled with success, comfort, and happiness - works for me!  

PS: Happy Mother's Day to my mom!