Week 9 at Home and On Our State Starting to Reopen

The weekend was a really nice one: a mix of fun, laziness and productivity...and A LOT of outside time. Thank you, Mother Nature! We took 2-3 walks with Ethan each day, so I walked ~13k steps on both days! I love taking him outside and having an alfresco snack or in this case, dinner!  Our neighbors' kid gave us a social distance "magic show" too; it was so cute!

Massachusetts's governor announced yesterday a 4-phase plan for reopening our state. I feel mixed emotions... part of me is ready for some sense of normalcy, part of me is scared to go anywhere. Part of me cannot wait until Ethan can go back to his daycare/school this summer (hopefully?!) and part of me doesn't even want to send him because of all the unknowns. I guess we will see how the next month or so pans out...

Here are a few other links I liked over the last week:

Can you believe it's almost Memorial Day weekend?! Totally doesn't feel like it...


#TheFrontStepsProject Photos

On Ethan's first birthday, we also did a photo session with local photographer, Leah Romig, for The Front Steps Project (or The Front Porch Project). The proceeds benefit local businesses during this time and capture us at home. We are so thankful to have these pictures of Ethan when he turned 1!

She perfectly captured Ethan's famous "laugh cry"(she actually said "I don't know if he's laughing or crying" haha). 😂

All photos by Leah Romig Photography.


Weeks 7 and 8 At Home - Celebrations During Coronavirus

The last 2 weeks at home we celebrated Ethan's first birthday, Mother's Day and my 35th birthday. All these celebrations weren't how we pictured, but we have made the most of it! I am continuing to try to stay mindful and thankful that we are healthy and so is everyone we know (knock on wood). May 10th was a "double whammy" of Mother's Day and my birthday falling on the same day. Doug, Ethan and my family + friends made these celebrations special... thank you!

Ethan is starting to get more "adventurous" and stand on his own! We are ready for you to take your first steps, baby! (sorry for the grainy pic)

This time is a good reminder that health and being surrounded by the people you love is what is most important. 💛

Stay tuned later this week for our The Front Steps Project photos! xo


Ethan's First Birthday "Party"

It wasn't the first birthday party we envisioned, but we made the best of it and had a Zoom cake smash "party" for Ethan on Saturday. It was a forest friends themed party (I am a bit obsessed since doing his nursery). Given the circumstances, I was SO happy with how all the decorations and Zoom went. He was a bit hesitant with the fox smash cake, which was surprising(!), but still had a few sweet bites. Sweet Melissa's Desserts created the 2 cakes which were almost too beautiful to eat... almost. So yum! Ethan's aunt created the "welcome forest friends" sign and it came out so perfect!
forest friends first birthday party decorations
forest friends first birthday cake

I sourced most everything from Etsy: fox first birthday hat, woodland first birthday milestone chart (and the evite), earth tones highchair tassel banner, first year birthday photo bannerrustic one cake topper, woodland felt garland, custom woodland birthday shirt

Thank you to all our family and friends, Ethan's "forest friends" who Zoomed and celebrated with us! 🦊🐻🐰🦉🦝🐿🦌🌲


Happy Birthday, Ethan!

Dear Ethan,

Happy First Birthday! A year has passed, it's hard to believe, since you came into this world and brought us a joy and a love that we never knew existed until you. This last year you have taught me so much about myself not only as a mother but as a person.

A few things to know about you...
  • Your smile and belly laugh are infectious; you are so happy and make everyone around you happy!
  • You are not a good napper but a champion night sleeper the last 6 months. 🤞
  • Your favorite foods are blueberries, sweet potato, chickpea pasta, Bamba puffs and mozzarella cheese.
  • You love snuggling your blue teddy bear, "singing" along with peek-a-boo bun bun, watching cars drive by out the living room window, going on walks, watching any ceiling fan, reading Baby Elephant finger puppet book, and playing with "your remote".
  • You have perfected the laugh/cry and the double wave. 👋👋 You do the cutest thing when you wave: you look at your hand moving, almost like, "oh, I didn't know I could do this" 🤣
  • You say "dada", "ba ba" (bottle) and "nigh nigh" (night night). 
Thank you for making us parents; I've equally loved seeing your Dada as a dad this past year. He's the best.

We love you so much! 💛

Mama and Dada