Weeks 2 and 3 at Home

After a very rough first week, I am happy to report that weeks 2 and 3 at home were on a whole much better. The main reason for this is due to Governor Baker closing nonessential businesses and Trump pushing the tax deadline, so Doug is now able to be at home. 🙌 It really was going to be a make or break for both of our sanities.

Heading into week 2 at home, my mood was significantly better and we had a plan to set up a decent schedule to take turns watching the baby and getting our work done.  By the end of week 2 and into week 3, all three of us seemed to be in a good groove.

I am living for the nice days where we can get outside. We sometimes take 2 walks a day. Ethan loves walks!

Last week, my brother defended his dissertation over Zoom, so we family got to watch and celebrate that night. It was awesome!

But in being honest, every day is Groundhog Day. I hate the feeling of wishing the days away. Ethan just turned 11 months old; his first birthday is around the corner. It's insane that a year has gone by... feels like yesterday and 1 million years ago... so I am trying to remind myself to enjoy. As much as it makes me sad that he is losing out on time with grandparents, other family and friends, plus other activities we could do with him, having him home now means we are getting a lot of "extra" time with him (as he would have been at daycare).

On Wednesday this last week, I felt the creeping in of the overwhelming feeling that the day was going to suck. And it did. Ethan was up at 5:30am and I had basically "had a day" already before 9am when work time would start.  I was anxious, tired and had the whole day ahead of me/us. I cried a little, accepted it was going to likely be not the best day and pushed on the best I could. Wine at the end of of the day and watching Ozark was what I worked toward.

A friend sent me this screenshot of a Tweet; it really stuck with me.

Given I had about 10 "positive" days before that, I am just going to accept that the up + down days will happen.

To end this post, the below gave me a chuckle

'Til my next "diary" entry... stay safe and stay home!


Ethan's Mobile

My aunt and grandma created Ethan's mobile in his nursery. I planned to buy a woodland mobile for his "forest friends" themed nursery, and my aunt was taking up needle felting so offered to have his mobile be her first project.  She created the majority of the mobile creatures, which turned out SO cute, and my grandma did the purple mountains majesty...

My grandma sadly passed away a year ago today. She was so looking forward to meeting her great-grandchildren, Ethan and Oliver (my nephew). Having this mobile above Ethan each night, she is watching over him, and all of us.

Ethan's middle name is in memory of her. Her name was Thelma, so we took the "th" and Thomas it was for his middle name.

3 generations (well 4 if you count the bump not pictured!) at my baby shower just over a year ago. 💛

You can see more (much more beautiful) photos of the mobile and Ethan's nursery on my cousin's blog who designed the room, Jessica Ford Design.

We miss you, grandma!


Week 1 at Home

TGIF.... typing that never felt so good and yet so meaningless. After what is only to be assumed to be week 1, of many, working from home and having the baby at home, I made it.  It was not an easy week. I know everyone is going through this time at home and struggling in their own way.  I remind myself each day that, yes, this could likely be easier if A, B or C was different. But it also could be much harder if X, Y, or Z was different. So, I am trying to be mindful each day and not get too caught up. But it's hard. This is not meant to be a "woe is me" post, and I am grateful for what we have and that no one I know is sick as of now, and keeping those that are sick in my thoughts. But here is some honest talk and probably not very well written but here we go...haha.

On Monday I cried 3 times. Tuesday and Wednesday each just once and yesterday even though I had a few moments, I didn't (small victory). Today a few times, knowing that it's the weekend but really not much will change. I had a really hard day today.  There is so much unknown; the news cycle constant and scary. But most of all, being now a stay at home mom to a 10.5 month old and trying to work, and be semi-sane, is HARD. I bow down to all you stay at home moms!! I knew I wanted to go back to work after my maternity leave as much as it was sad and tough to do. I knew I needed a "part of my life back" and that I would be the best mom to Ethan by having my own time at work.  Now that he is home for the foreseeable future, I am so happy to be with him and have this "extra" time with him but also each hour is tough. He is a joy at this age, so much fun - playful, chatting, waving, discovering himself...that also means starting to act like a toddler, deciding he no longer knows how to nap, and teething! Poor guy! He also must be out of sorts having his routine at daycare completely upended.

This time also makes me sad that likely Ethan won't go back to his daycare this year. He loves it there and was doing so well with making friends/socializing, creating art, and learning. I know in the grand scheme of things it likely won't make a difference but still makes me sad.

This is also #firstworldproblems but it is highly likely that we won't be able to have Ethan's first birthday party in early May. Makes me so sad. We will do a party eventually and thinking this fall around his 1.5 birthday, but 😩 is all I can say.

Add to that not seeing friends nor family... let's just say, THANK GOODNESS FOR FACETIME!! And wine. And getting the baby gates set up....also these Dove mini ice cream bars. Buy them. It's the little things that are keeping me afloat. 😉

On Wednesday, it was 55 and sunny, so I took the baby for a 1 hour walk and it was BLISS. We avoided people, and there weren't too many out and about, so I felt OK. I can't forget the benefits of sunshine. Let's hope Mother Nature cooperates during these upcoming weeks and gives us more of those days.

I also gotta shout out the hubby, #dougdoesnthaventinstagram, who is working 12+ hours every day for tax season... it's not easy for him either in totally different ways. We are all in it. The "silver lining" right now for our family is having the tax deadline pushed back.

Not sure where I am going with this all but just wanted to vent a little and type out that this too shall pass, however long it will be. I have to keep reminding myself and as a bestie said when talking me off a ledge, ride this wave, the ups and downs.

Stay strong, stay healthy, and STAY HOME everyone!


An Etsy Shop With The Cutest Onesies

cute onesies on etsy

I stumbled upon this Etsy shop, Bitty and Boho, during my pregnancy and immediately favorited so many onesies for the baby. For my shower, my mom got me the Zero Fox Given onesie and Cousins Make The Best Friends onesies for Ethan and his cousin Oliver (born last August!).

cute onesies on etsy

I recently bought the Zero Fox Given onesie in a bigger size because I just love it so much - always makes me laugh! In the same order, I got an E is for Ethan custom name onesie. I also like the No Drama Llama onesie, From Little Seeds Grow Mighty Seeds, and some of the other personalized onesies that would be cute for a first birthday.

Photos by me.


My favorite Amazon Purchases

I have been a loyal Amazon Prime subscriber for many years. Right now with my husband and I both working full time and having a small child, the variety of products I can get on Amazon in 2 days (or less!) is invaluable in saving time and energy. Here are my favorite products from 2019 that I bought on Amazon.

Cameron's K-Cup Coffee Pods: I religiously use my Keurig each morning and I have been cognizant of all the plastic that most K-Cup pods use. I switched to Cameron's that are free of the plastic case, and I feel much better about cutting back (even a little) on my landfill contributions. Plus, they have a variety of yummy flavors!

LED Night Light: This night light shines the perfect amount of light in our hallway and looks more modern & unobtrusive than other night lights.

Bandanna Bib Set: 10 bibs for $20 is a good deal(!), and I love these patterns & the bandanna style for Ethan.

Earlobe Earring Support Patches: I read about these on another blog (I can't remember which one now) and a friend has used them before, as well. These patches are great and really make a difference to support my earlobes when I wear bigger earrings.

The Laundress Stain Remover: My sister-in-law gave this to me as part of a bag of goodies for my baby shower. It's the BEST stain remover I have used. The Laundress Stain Remover is pricey but concentrated. I am on my 3rd bottle!

What are your favorite products bought on Amazon?