Gray Malin x S'well

Gray Malin x S'well Bottle Bondi Beach

I love S'well bottles. They keep cold drinks cold for 12 hours and hot drinks hot for 24 hours (!) and come in such fun patterns. S'well has partnered with photographer Gray Malin on beautiful & beachy bottles in a limited edition collection. Malin lends his aerial photography on 4 bottles. I snatched up the Bondi Beach one (after seeing the collection on a Boston blogger's Instagram), and there are 3 others that are equally awesome. Want one too? Hurry, they collection is selling out quick(!) but they are available on several sites.
Gray Malin x S'well Bottles collaboration

All photos via S'well except first one by me.


Friday Faves | 8.19.16

Love these wrapped linen napkins as part of Terrain's new fall arrivals.

A photo posted by @johnderiancompany on

Good tips on the importance of using green cleaning products (I have been making the switch as I finish products in the house



After the wedding is the...honeymoon!

After our wedding in late September, DC and I are heading to Hawaii for nearly 2 weeks! I am so excited. Neither of us have been before and once we started researching & planning the trip, it was clear this would be a trip of a lifetime.

We will be there nearly 2 weeks and are staying on Oahu at The Modern Honolulu (in Honolulu, natch), then heading to Kauai to stay at an Airbnb on the east coast, and capping off the trip on Maui at the Four Seasons (the big splurge!).

I've been looking up things to do, what to eat, where to shop etc., for a while now, but we'd love some recommendations from those who have been there. I also would love any packing tips, as I am going to try to fit everything in just a carry-on.

Comment below!

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Weekend Brunch in South Boston

Worden Hall South Boston brunch review

Worden Hall in South Boston, a.k.a. Southie, offers a true brunch menu on Saturday and Sunday. My friend Sara and I were invited to check it out this past weekend. I love breakfast and she loves lunch, so Worden Hall's brunch menu that splits items by Breakfast and Lunch was perfect for us.
Worden Hall South Boston brunch review

I started out with a Bloody Mary (necessary after a night out on Friday). With my usual request of extras spicy & extra olives, Worden Hall's bartender did not disappoint. Look at all those olives!
Worden Hall South Boston Bloody Mary

To follow what I stated above, I got breakfast and Sara got lunch. My choice was the house-smoked pastrami hash with carmelized potatoes, 2 poached eggs, chili hollandaise, and grilled bread. The pastrami had a good smoke and I loved the hollandaise. Dipping the grilled bread in the runny yolk? Sooooo. Good. I wish the potatoes were a bit more crispy, but I did very much enjoy the mix of regular & sweet. Sara got the deep dish margarita pizza which she said hit the spot. I liked the presentation with the large basil leaves.
Worden Hall South Boston brunch
I also started with a raw & roasted brussels sprouts salad which was so yummy and fresh. The texture mix of the raw & cooked brussels with salty chorizo, sunflowers and shaved parmesan was perfect.
Worden Hall brunch brussels sprouts salad

Our waitress was very friendly and attentive. Pricing was fair and portions good-sized. Check out their outdoor space too!
Worden Hall South Boston brunch review

Thanks, Worden Hall, we will back back!

Disclaimer: We were comped our meal for this review. Post idea and opinions are my own.  All photos by me.


Friday Faves | 8.12.16

This past week I have been heavy into the wedding planning. With about 6 weeks to go, it's time to get going on all the details. After some anxiety ridden moments, and pep-talk with Mom, I took care of some items on my check list. Phew! It's getting so close! Here are my favorites of the week and I will share a wedding update next week.

This outdoor terrace in NYC is amazing!
Photo via DesignSponge
I got teary watching the #finalfive women's gymnastics team win gold in Rio. Those girls are so inspiring!

How beautiful is this tomato tart?
Photo via Cup of Jo by Ful-Filled