Weekend Scenes: NYC

Such a fun weekend in NYC!  Below are some highlights...not pictured: shopping in Union Square, a delicious brunch at The Smith, and a rainy morning facial at Mario Badescu.
The train ride through coastal CT is always so pretty.
After many, many times of seeing this, it never ceases to give me excited butterflies to be in NYC.
Visiting with Koons, Calder, and Martin.
My friend had some Drybar gift certificates so we figured what better time to use them? P.S. The Notebook was playing while we got blow outs- swoon.
Shared plates at Beauty & Essex - the inside was decorated with vintage jewelry that I wanted to snatch off the walls. Dessert included a milkshake shot - yum!



New York City

I'll be heading to NYC tomorrow night after work for my semi-annual fall trip there. It seemed fitting to post these today as we remember the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Sometimes it feels like that day was so long ago, another lifetime. Other times, I cannot believe it was 13 years ago, and it feels like yesterday, the effects still felt today in our country and around the world.  

There really is nothing like the streets and spirit of NYC, and I look forward to seeing the Freedom Tower and that skyline rise tall when I head in tomorrow.

Follow my trip on Instagram - a few things on the docket: brunch, shopping, and Jeff Koons. See you back here Monday!

Photos taken by me at Grand Central Station and via the train last April. Edited in VSCO & Afterlight.



Inspired by Wild

I finished the book, Wild, last week and am so looking forward to the movie, starring Reese Witherspoon, coming out this winter. Have you read the book? It's the true story of Cheryl Strayed who hikes the Pacific Coast Trail to find and renew herself after a downward spiral in her life, sparked by her mother's death. I made myself not watch the trailer until finishing the book, to avoid any spoilers. I gathered a few items inspired by the book and specific things Cheryl tells in her story.

Have you read Wild?
Inspired by Wild



5 Days in Kennebunkport

Kicking off the weekend I am remembering last week's days in Kennebunkport, ME. This year, we had a new addition to the KPT summer tradition with baby R, my 10 month old step-nephew. As expected we had lots of laughs, good food, beach time, and "quack quack quack"-ing with R.  I checked off most of my to-dos that I was looking forward to last week.  Here are some pics, better late than never!
The rental house had cute little corners and decor.
The Abes came to visit the beach one day - it was so cute to see these 2 interact.
This face!!
Some of the family, before dinner at One Dock.

These guys waited patiently for their friend who loved his little pool.

It's still summer - have a good weekend!



If I was going to NYFW

If I was going to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC, which kicks off today, here are some of the essential accessories I would pack...
- Foldable Ray-Ban sunglasses and comfy flats - like Tieks (in outfit friendly black) - for easy pack & go.
- Cute notebooks for jotting down likes, inspiration, and blog post ideas.
- A chic portable charger for iPhone, iPad, and all of the above.
- A tinted lip balm in fall-like plum for day to night.
If I was going to NYFW

What would you pack? Looking forward to seeing next spring's trends and street style pics!