Mama's Fish House Dinner

Mama's Fish House Maui

Today, I am kicking off a boat load of Hawaii honeymoon posts with one of our favorite dinners from the entire trip: Mama's Fish House. Everyone we know who had been to Maui told us that we had to eat a Mama's and make a reservation. So we did just that and had an early dinner which allowed us to take in the sights of the restaurant. I think so much about this restaurant, besides the fresh food, is the ambiance, so if you are planning a trip to Maui, make your Mama's reservation before sunset to take it all in.
Mama's Fish House Maui
Mama's Fish House Maui
Mama's Fish House Maui beach

When we arrived they gave us a little card to congratulate us on our wedding and a nice little table facing the shoreline. Our waitress was very sweet and attentive. I started off with the Pau Hana, a "relaxing cocktail at the end of the day" with gin, lime, guava and a hint of ginger. Mama was right; it was delicious, relaxing, and not too sweet.
Mama's Fish House Maui

After nibbling on some home-made poppy seed bread with honey butter, for our appetizer, we decided on the guacamole with crab (which was yummy) but oddly one of the highlights for me of the meal was an amuse bouche of asparagus soup. The tiny bowl was just enough to know it was DELICIOUS and I finished DC's off too! They also gave us a taste of home-made poi (mashed taro) which we both didn't like; too bland.

For my entree, I knew I had to get fish that they catch locally and serve within 24 hours. I had the mahi mahi (caught by fisherman Matt Smith) stuffed with king crab with a macadamia nut crust. it was served with local vegetables and a white wine pineapple sauce (my second favorite thing I ate that day - it was soooo good). DC had the ribeye with roasted vegetables. My fish had a great flavor and DC's ribeye with a chimichurri-like sauce was also delicious.
Mama's Fish House Maui fresh caught fish and ribeye

For dessert, that was hard to even think about(!), we had the chocolate pie with a caramel cookie crust. It was the best dessert we had on trip and one I am still thinking about it. The abundance of caramel really did it for me.
Mama's Fish House Maui chocolate dessert

After taking some pictures as the sun was beginning to set, we waddled out of Mama's, passing by notes from famous diners and beautiful fresh flower after beautiful fresh flower.
Mama's Fish House Maui fresh flowers
Mama's Fish House Maui

Mahalo, Mama's, for a great meal! Much more Hawaii to come! I'm going a little out of order and because the larger posts from each island are taking me forever to edit photos (3000+ total from the trip). Of course you can see pictures over at #alohacovals.

All photos by me.


Friday Faves | 10.14.16

So glad I made it through the first work week back. Looking forward to unpacking fully, doing laundry, catching up on sleep (hello, jet lag), and going to the Patriots game on Sunday - Brady is back! It's been a few weeks since Friday Faves, so enjoy these few links I've book-marked. Happy weekend!

I love the styling of this table-setting and it's an example of a good sponsored post/brand collaboration. I want those Italian plates!
Photo via Anne Sage
This view is stunning!

This roasted tomato soup sounds soooo good for a fall Sunday dinner.
Photo via Smitten Kitchen


We're married!

We are back from our honeymoon in Hawaii and oh ya, we are married! It was an absolutely perfect, wonderful, definition of "best day ever" and I cannot wait to share many more photos of us, our friends/family & all the details that made the day so special. For now, here are a few shots and peruse our #meetthecovals feed. Also much more to come on Hawaii next week.

PS: Thanks to my guest bloggers for posting while I was gone! In case you missed any of the posts:


Honeymoon Destination: Greece

Today is our final honeymoon guest post while I am away in Hawaii. Thanks for following along!
Hello La vie Jaime readers! I’m Rachel from La Mariposa, a bilingual lifestyle and fashion blog based in Boston. Today I’m sharing some photos and info about my honeymoon in Greece. My husband and I went to Athens and Santorini, Greece towards the end of August last year, which was an ideal time. The weather was amazing (if you like warmth and sunshine!), and it was the end of tourist season, so it wasn’t too crowded. We started our honeymoon in Athens, which I’ll share with you below. Here are some of my favorite spots around town: Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens, Greece
Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens, Greece
We flew in and out of Athens because we wanted a few days in the city to see all of the historical structures, which were beyond impressive. We ended-up taking a private, guided tour (highly recommend this- you can get one from any travel agency!) to learn more about what we were seeing and where we were walking. Our first stop was the Temple of Olympian Zeus!
Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens, Greece
Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens, Greece
The quality and attention to detail in the architecture of each individual pillar was unreal.. It felt very surreal to see structures that were so old, fill with so much history. I wonder how many people have visited this temple. It must be a ridiculously large number! We somehow were lucky enough to go when there was a small crowd, in the middle of a Wednesday afternoon.
Black Woven Crop Top with Zara Red Floral Skort and Schutz Lina Lace-up Sandals
Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens, Greece
Arch of Hadrian, Athens, Greece
What I loved about the Temple of Zeus and the Arch of Hadrian is that they are located, like the other historical sites, smack in the middle of the city. It is so easy to arrive to them, and you can buy multi-day passes to visit them again and again during your stay. Our hotel, Royal Olympic, was about a five-minute walk from this area, and at night we had the more gorgeous views of the sculptures glowing in the park.
Herodes Atticus Theatre, Athens, Greece 2015
Here's a view looking down onto the Theatre of Herodes Atticus. It's pretty amazing to think that the way we sit at conference, view movies, and attend shows all probably started from these set-ups, way back in the day!
Parthenon Athens, Greece
Parthenon Athens, Greece
Close-up of Parthenon
Parthenon Athens, Greece
The Parthenon is probably the most famous building in the Acropolis. I thought it was striking in person, but to be honest, I preferred to view it from our outdoor dinners at night (particularly from Dionysus, my favorite restaurant).. The stage-lighting makes the building seem even larger and more powerful (as if being up above the city wasn't enough!).

Black Woven Crop Top; Zara Red Floral Skort; Black Chevron Quilted Love Rebeca Minkoff Crossbody; Athens City View
View of Athens Greece from ACropolis
View of Temple of Zeus from atop Acropolis
As I mentioned, the climb is worth it for the views of the city from way atop. My camera doesn't do nearly as much justice as it should! I should also say, it started drizzling when we got up here, so the sky is a bit flat looking. However, you can see the extend of the city, as well as the Temple of Zeus. I really loved the contrast of the ancient temple against the modern road and cars. I don't think I could ever get tired of that view. Athens is simply gorgeous!
Here’s a few links to other posts about our honeymoon:
And please stop by La Mariposa and say hi! :)
Xo Rach


Honeymoon Destination: Barcelona, Spain & France

Hey all,
I’m Jeannette, boston-based graphic designer and owner of WispBridal. My new husband, Mark, and I went on an epic honeymoon this June and I’m so excited to share the highlights with you while Jaime is enjoying some well-deserved time with her new hubby. 

We saved up a ton of money last year, and with some help from our loving family and friends, went on this awesome adventure as husband and wife.

Days 1 — 2:

We touched down at 7am. Luckily our hotel was very accommodating and had our room ready and some free celebratory champagne (so early!) so we went in and slept until about noon. I’m so grateful that Mark and I are the same type of easy-going traveler. We had very laid back plans and expectations for Barcelona. When we got out and about we just eased our way into the vacation and enjoyed the freedom of being alone together with no responsibilities or wedding guests to greet.

Mark wanted to see the football stadium, which was a nice tour, but for me was mostly just an excuse to try out my new lens and take cute pictures of his joy.

There is quite a lot of street art, which I adored.

We walked up and down La Rambla and went into La Boqueria and enjoyed some tasty fresh juice, cookies, and chocolates. Neither of us will eat marzipan, but it sure is beautiful.

One of my best friends (and bridesmaid) had spent a semester abroad in Barcelona and recommended Ocaña Bar and Lounge. It’s conveniently right off La Rambla in a cute square. Super eclectic vibe with vintage shoes, pipe art, and actual candles flickering in the chandeliers. Also delicious drinks. There is a club downstairs, but we were there in the afternoon. 

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That evening we walked around the side streets in search of tapas. They aren’t hard to find, but we didn’t want a touristy experience, especially since both of us speak and read passable spanish. We ended up walking by a church and through a sort of courtyard. Tucked in the courtyard was a restaurant called El Jardin. At first I wasn’t sure if we should stop yet, but after walking another 100 feet I told Mark we HAD to turn around. We started our delicious tapas adventure there, with amazing sangria, and hopped around to a couple other places after. I later looked it up and found El Jardin on a list of best tapas in Barcelona — in case you need another reason to go.

Our hotel was well located, had a rooftop pool (which seems to be a huge thing there) and a private deck with a whirlpool tub. Each night we came back and filled it up — so relaxing after hours of walking! 

The hotel had such great table books. I couldn’t help leafing through this one as we waited for drinks to bring to our deck. 

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The next morning we had tickets for the La Sagrada Familia, but we (and by we I mean Mark) didn’t change the timezone on our phone and so slept through it. LOL. Fortunately, we got the tickets switched pretty easily and were able to go in the afternoon. We needed the sleep, so said, “oh well”, but still — lesson learned. 

(not me, but I loved her style)

In the meantime, we went to Parque Guell and it was gorgeous, perfect weather while we walked around. 

And I found this cool shop on the way down the hill. 

Another must-have is of course, the paella. We both had it for lunch at a sketchy-looking place near La Sagrada Familia. Mark had it for dinner though that same night at a respectable place and we agreed that it was more delicious at the less-likely looking restaurant (I mean, it also served “American hot dogs”).

We took the cable car up to the top of the hill (Montjuïc) and found a fort decorated in graphic flowers with stunning views.

Day 3:

This iconic former prison splits the river in this darling lakeside town.

This day we traveled from Barcelona to Annecy via train, which took an extra 3 hours due to strikes and a “breakdown”, but we were able to pick up our rental car still and make it into downtown in time for raclette at Le Freti (a recommendation from another friend). OMG. So cool and delicious. 

That night we splurged on an amazing hotel right on the lake, Le Palace de Menthon

We actually stayed in their separate cottage with windows and a private deck that opened up right to the water. So secluded and amazing views. We rented a kayak, but it sprinkled in the morning so we decided to just enjoy the view. If we went again I’d try staying in the hotel proper, since it was elaborately decorated and had great views from higher up the hill. The breakfast there was also pretty awesome, with local yogurt in glass jars and delicious cappuccino in an elegant restaurant.

Day 4:

The car ride to this ski-town was jaw-dropping. Mountains, clouds, waterfalls coming out of cliffs… 

We stopped a couple of times for photos and snacks. In the rural areas our lack of french was a bit of an issue, but everyone I interacted with was patient and friendly. 

In Chamonix we stayed at another gorgeous hotel, got massages, and explored the some-what sleepy ski village. Delicious meals and views aplenty. Also we found a strip of indoor/outdoor bars with music. 

We took the cable cars all the way up, over to Italy, and back. Mark has a bit of trouble with heights and kept murmuring “It’s beautiful and I’ll only do this once in my life so I have to look”. Adorable. But we will be back ;) I think I took about 300 photos, but also took time to just enjoy the beauty and vastness of it all. 

Day 5:
Vailly — Moulin De Léré

If I could go back, right now, to one place from our honeymoon it would be this inn. I love being in the middle of seemingly no-where; places where there are more locals than tourists, and you feel like you’re really part of the landscape. Also, I love delicious food. I got everything I could ask for in this secluded converted mill. The husband and wife owners and the building were so charming. It was the largest room we had the whole vacation and had a little deck overlooking the mountain. THE FOOD was the best we had. It is locally sourced, fine french dining, with, of course, delicious french wine and cheese. The wife was host, waitress, sommelier, and for us, patient translator. I won’t describe the whole menu, but it started with asparagus cappuccino and ended with us taking an extra bottle of wine back to Boston. 

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Oh and in the morning I had the best butter (on warm, freshly baked bread) of my life — “from those cows you see right on the hill there”.

Days 6 — 7:
Burgundy wine region — Pommard

We stayed in this adorable Airbnb in a couple’s lush garden house. The town is small, walkable, and very near Beaune, which we also explored. We drank a lot of wine, ate a lot of cheese, and walked through the village, countryside, and vineyards.

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Hôtel-Dieu, a historic hospital and church in Beaune

On our way to Paris, we stopped at the Château de Vaux le Vicomte
The man who built it was King Louis XIV’s financial officer. The king, in his jealousy, claimed that he must’ve stolen the money from the royal treasury in order to build it and imprisoned him, executed him, and stole his architect, landscaper, and painter to work on the Palace of Versailles. 

Days 8 — 12:

We thoroughly enjoyed our Parisian experience. We took in the museums, Versailles, and ate out at different, amazing restaurants every night.

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Versailles was so beautiful. 

Marie-Antoinette's estate was a dream.

Our hotel was on the Rue Saint Severin, in the 5th arr., which is full of great food and nightlife. Unfortunately, at this point we were both very sick with the kind of green messy gunk that makes dancing into the wee hours impossible. But, with help from the pharmacies and by propping each other up (great practice for times to come), we managed to get in and enjoy everything we wanted to do. We can dance at home, but we can’t get late-night crepes every night.

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We enjoyed the sunset at Montmartre with cheese and wine and walked down past the Moulin Rouge.

We devoured, politely, a wonderful tasting menu on our last night. It was close to the eiffel tower, but not super touristy, so was perfect to enjoy right before we went up to the top.



During the trip I occasionally took a ten seconds or so of video. There is something so magical about looking back at moving memories and it was an easy enough thing to do. I cobbled together a second or so of each to make a video of the whole trip. It was one of the best decisions I made and although I can’t help but to feel like I’m bragging to share it, I’m so glad I took just enough footage to enjoy it after and still be present while we were there. You can tell he really loves me in the clip where he’s carrying around my purse. 

Day 13:

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We had a layover in beautiful Iceland on the way home. While it was super sad to go, by that time I was glad to get back to America, with fresh air and new work challenges. Now we are nicely settled into our married life. Though not much has really changed, besides my last name and our shared bank accounts, it is just glorious to be officially committed and have had our family and friends witness our promises to each other. Now I’m back to work, designing websites, branding, and now wedding dresses, and dreaming about where we will go next.

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Thanks, Jeannette!  Stay tuned for one more honeymoon destination post on Friday.