#FlashbackFriday - off to Maine!

brother and I circa 1990

I am flashing back this Friday to Kennebunkport, Maine, as my family is taking their annual vacation trip starting tomorrow.  I will be going up for 5 days and am all ready for reading, relaxing & paddle boarding on Gooch's Beach; shopping at Dannah, Minka, & Daytrip Society; steamers & lobster night; and hanging with the family.

See you back here Thursday and follow along on Instagram!

PS: a KPT packing list
PPS: another throwback from KPT


Pre-fall shopping list

I still ask my mom if we can go "back to school" shopping, despite having not gone back to school for the past 7 years (omg).  She humors me and laughs, but there are such great memories of shopping before going back to school or college, that I am programmed to want some new things around this time of year.  Here's what is catching my eye for this "back to school" season.  What is on your list?
pre-fall shopping list

Whino napkin - see more August Morgan in a recent post
Carson bootie - splurge alert!
Cape blazer - just purchased
Pillow - wise words from Kenny Chesney



Mad Men Inspired Decanters

I know I am about 7 years late on this, but DC and I have become obsessed with Mad Men. Thank you, Netflix! We are just starting season 4 and binge watching, while trying to avoid any spoilers online. I was so happy to read that the final episodes and series finale air next spring, so we will be able to watch live!

I, of course, adore the fashions of the show, but I am also becoming obsessed with how fabulous they look sipping on whiskey and scotch all day. I don't really drink either, but DC and I are wondering if we both need to start...? If nothing else, I want to add a decanter to my bar car. Here are a few that caught my eye.
Modern: corky carafe & glasses by Muuto at HORNE (I know this is probably for wine but I love it.)
Classic: library decanter at Pottery Barn
Metallic: mingle decanter at Crate & Barrel
Hand made: porcelain decanter & tumbler set by Redraven Studios at BRIKA 

Are you a Mad Men fan and have you watched from the beginning? No spoilers!


Fun cocktail napkins

I stumbled upon August Morgan's adorable and funny cocktail napkins on Pinterest. I couldn't decide which one I loved best, as they are all so cheeky!  They'd be a cute hostess gift with a bottle of champagne.
August Morgan cocktail napkins
My faves: PlasteredBuzzed | Three Sheets 

Which is your favorite?



Nantucket scenes

Happy Friday! It's been a busy last week or so that has left this blog neglected.  I was on deadline for work and then came down with a terrible case of strep throat this week (#summertimesickness). I've been mostly bedridden and surviving on a regiment of Dayquil/Nyquil and soup, but today finally starting to feel like myself again (thank you, antibiotics). 

Anyways, I thought I'd share some pictures from my work trip to Nantucket last week. We were there to attend the Antiques & Design Show and to visit clients.  
It was mostly beautiful weather, and we enjoyed a lovely tour of the island by car on the day we arrived, stopping by Madaket...

There were a lot of these of various styles, shapes & sizes, around town...so charming and patriotic!

One thing I couldn't get over was how lush, green, and colorful all the gardens and landscapes were. Flower boxes everywhere were amazing!  Maybe I have just been in the city too long.

We stayed at the Roberts House which was an awesome location downtown; it had a b&b feel.

My favorite meal was lunch at The Proprietors, and not just because of the decor & vibe. I want to go back just to try dinner and drinks there.
Have a good weekend!