the Framingham Project

My brother, Kyle Ganson, started a project earlier this year of photographing people who live in our hometown of Framingham, MA.  After months of scouting subjects, shoots, and interviews, he launched the Framingham Project late last month.

Framingham is a unique town in that it's large enough to be a city and has a wide variety of ethnicities and cultures represented.  Kyle sought out to "explore more about its people and places, and convey the story of Framingham through the eyes of the people who live here...[he] photograph[ed] the complexity and diversity of Framingham through portraits of its residents, as well as landscapes of the physical location" (his words are better than mine!)

13 subjects answered the same 5 questions - men and women, older and younger - lending insight into living in Framingham throughout the years, from different backgrounds and experiences.
Sara & Marilyn
I may be biased as he is my brother(!), but Kyle really captures the spirit of each individual in a very natural state. 

If you know of those that live in Framingham or live there yourself, Kyle is still looking for subjects! Check out his call for more information.

Photos by Kyle Ganson



Cranberry bogs from above

How cool are these photos of Massachusetts cranberry bogs from above? That red color is gorgeous! 

Enjoy your weekend!

Photos via BostonGlobe.com


6 yummy chili recipes

It's chili season! I am big on chili in the fall, especially using my slow cooker. Nothing says fall like Sunday football and chili cooking all day - so warm and hearty! I've rounded up a few recipes I've tried & saved and a couple I want to try. I typically lean towards chilis made with ground chicken or turkey to keep the calories and fat down, so that is mostly what you see here.

Buffalo chicken and bean chili by Skinnytaste (I made this last week, and it was delicious! The refried beans are key to it's heartiness. I added more Red Hot than listed, but I like things spicy. We topped with melty Monterey Jack cheese.)
Quinoa sweet potato chili by Milk Free Mom
White chicken chili by Damn Delicious (I've made this one too. Five ingredients = so easy.)
Jalepeno popper turkey chili by Kitchen Meets Girl
One pot chili mac and cheese by Damn Delicious
Indian spiced chili by Cara's Cravings

What's your favorite chili recipe? Share in the comments!

PS: It's pumpkin decorating season too!


Funny girls who write

With last week's release of Lena Dunham's book Not that Kind of Girl, it's obvious now that there are some funny ladies out there who can write. No longer is being a best selling author for appealing to women about romantic comedy stories where the girl who moves  to London, gets her dream job, dream wardrobe, and dream man, with a English accent of course. (though those are guilty pleasure reads from time to time)

These days, I am gravitating towards books with more substance and story. The memoir and short story books by Ellen, Chelsea, Tina, Mindy, and now Lena, are fun, funny, and relatable.  I am currently reading Uganda by Kidding Me and Not That Kind of Girl is next. Here are my favorite "funny girls who write" reads.
Seriously...I'm Kidding | Uganda Be Kidding Me (all of her books are hilarious!) | Yes Please

Which book - or funny girl- is your favorite?



Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every year I like to showcase some items that support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Here are some great pieces, high and low, that support such organizations as The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), City of Hope, Boarding for Breast Cancer, and much more.  There's no better time to shop than for a good cause!
Shop for the Cure

cosmetic case | baguette diamond necklace (with any purchase from Vrai & Oro's rose gold collection, they will donate $10 to BCRF) | nail polish 4-pack | gray vest | baseball t-shirt | candle

PS: 2013's picks