Destination: Madrid

In my spring 2006 study abroad, I had the privilege of travelling around Europe including my "home" country of Italy, France, and England. I didn't make it to Spain, Madrid and Barcelona my desired places of interest, and this morning I see no better reason to go- let's just ignore the fact that I cannot afford to go!- than to see the Annie Leibovitz exhibition at PHotoEspana 2009.

The show is based on her book A Photographer's Life: 1990-2005. My brother has this book, a perfect coffee table book, and it is simply stunning. Leibovitz is most known for her images for Vanity Fair magazine, but the personal portraits, especially ones of her late partner Susan Sontag, are emotional and breathtaking.

I'd love to see this show in person.
Here's hoping it comes to the US next.


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