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2009 has seen a shoe that has transcended celebs from A list to D list, and at around $1500 each(!): the Differa shoe by Christian Louboutin. Starting with Heidi Klum in black at the Golden Globes in January to Kourtney Kardashian in white at a nightclub appearance this week in June...6 months later and this shoe is still making the rounds!

While it's not particularly my style, I can see the appeal...the height, sexy straps, and trademark red sole create quite a look. No doubt Carrie Bradshaw,
famous for her love of Choos and Louboutins,
would be sporting this style if SATC was still on the air.

If this shoe is your style, consider the gold version at Net-A-Porter or consider this look alike for a fraction of the cost!
What do you think?

The real deal.

Promiscuous 'Extravaganza' shoe, Zappos

Image credits:
Heidi Klum
Jennifer Lopez
Audrina Patridge
Kourtney Kardashian



  1. Jaime, these solely are fab soles and just think how can they not be they're Louboutins!
    p.s. The Zappos aren't sooo bad but there's nothing like CB! p.s. I luv your blog!!!

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