Turquoise and Coral

Inevitably as summer arrives and the fashion mags highlight the "trends" of our warmest season, turquoise and coral jewelry are included each year (so technically, these colors and jewels aren't really trends but that's beside the point!). And since these "trends" come back each year, each summer I reach for my old-faithful turquoise stand bys- silver earrings w/ small turquoise stones & a double-strand turquoise stone necklace w/ larger turquoise charm in the center (bday gift from friends) and a turquoise ring (vintage from mom, thanks).

My next endeavor is to tackle the coral aspect of summery jewelry. I know my mom does have some vintage coral pieces- necklace and bracelet I believe- so her jewelry box needs to be ransacked asap. Here are some other pieces that I'd love to include in my jewelry box.

Banana Republic


Kenneth J. Lane, Saks Fifth Ave
(a little too literal for me, but with the right dress, would make a fabulous statement)

Forever 21


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