"Who wears short shorts...?"

The sun is finally shining today, bookmarked between a few cloudy days this week and 6 straight days of rain and clouds to come, so I decided to wear my favorite short shorts: linen, orange & coral, flower printed shorts from JCrew last year. While at times I feel they are a bit too short, I love this pair. I spotted this story on PopSugar of Britney Spears showing off her legs too.
Check out these short shorts; which would you choose for your next summery day?

Paradiso patchwork madras shorts, JCrew (I want!)

'Gellar' shorts, G by Guess

Pleated cuff shorts, Gap

ROJAS 'Raspberry pocket shorts', ChickDowntown.com


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  1. I LOVE the shorts you are wearing.... remember them from last year, and totes love the gap pleated ones. Crossing my fingers for many more short wearing days!!!


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