Airport style often posts Stars' Airport Style. I am always amazed at how fabulous they look after traveling for hours on end! Frankly, after I exit a plane (even a short trip to Florida never mind a 6+ hour trip cross country or abroad) I look like something the cat dragged in (to use a phrase my mom uses, haha). My makeup is smeared or gone; my hair is thrown up in a messy pony; I am juggling a carry on; my eyes are bloodshot- it's not the prettiest sight.

Looking at these lovely celebs below, I think I have discovered the secret: hat + sunglasses + scarf + $$ + David Beckham = chic airport style.

What's your airport style?



  1. Talk about travel chic! Love these looks!


  2. Hahah great recipe...if only we all had $$ and David Beckham!!!!

  3. Cool post!
    I would like to say my travel style is amazing but it really isnt- jeans, tee and converse :)


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