Canopy for me

One of my home styling dreams has always been to have a canopy bed. They are so ethereal, relaxing-looking, and protective...
Two blogs I follow recently posted two shots of canopy beds. I did some Googling and found other lovely examples (frankly, I'd take any of them).

Since I don't have a canopy bed,
I wonder if my landlord would allow this?



  1. I especially love the 1st and the last photos. The first because it makes me feel like I'd never want to leave my bed. And the 4th because it looks like our current bed, without the posts & canopy :) S once agreed to a canopy...then took it back. Silly boy.

    Oh, make sure you stop in today when you have a sec :) xx

  2. I had to ask too! Just copy the image and post on a day whenever you're able. You say who it's from with a link, give to however many other blogs you want, link their blogs too. I've seen it passed on to 3-6 but it probably doesn't matter, just however many you want. Oh and you can add it to your sidebar too if you like. Hope that helps!

    Oh I usually schedule my posts - that came out at midnight so that'll be dinner this evening :) And I promise I do know how to spell 'Shrimp' and 'Bulgar' - not Vulgar - can you imagine a potty mouth salad???

  3. OMG! They are all sooo beautiful but my fave is
    the first bedroom it's amazingly romantic!


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