Culinary aspirations... realized?

As you may (or may not) recall from this previous post, I set out, when I thought I was going to be "taking some time off", to create Martha Stewart's Boston Creme Pie cupcakes. Since I am fortunately employed, I decided to make them for my friends's housewarming party this past weekend. I was all excited to create these delicious looking cupcakes...

The first step highlights my ingredients:

Here shows the creme of the Boston Creme Pie cupcake...something does not look right.

I soon realize, when beginning to make the chocolate glaze, that I have mistakenly used the heavy cream in the creme...I should have used whole milk.

I get sad and mad but decide to go on with a cupcake, at least I still had my mix.

Genius idea! Use the chocolate chips and put on the bottom of the cupcake for a sweet surprise.

Out comes batch #1.

Here's batch #1 on the cooling rack, as batch #2 cooks.

Final product- Jaime's cupcakes and a mini cake for the housewarmees.

So while my culinary aspirations were not as I thought they would be, I realized with this mistake, I created a delicious dessert all on my own!


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  1. Chocolate chips at the bottom...that IS genius! You've just inspired me to bake today, thanks :)



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