Found: Fedora

If you remember, I have been on the search for a fedora. I have ripped out countless magazine pages with fedoras featured, bookmarked websites showing celebs wearing a fedora, and scoured each store I've frequented in the last month or so, only to find either the worse fedora ever or the best one ever that was majorly out of my price range :*( -the latter happening during my Brooklyn shopping spree.

Last night's trip to Target proved fruitful, not only because I picked up some essentials, but I found my fedora! Here it is. In truth, it's not what I pictured myself to get...I was looking for one more simple and a neutral nude. But it looks cute, and it's just $13! Mission accomplished.



  1. Oh how cute!!! Hope you do a post with you wearing it :)

  2. Wow! I luv it, not only is it simple and elegant but it looks very expensive!!!


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