A little rant...

I hate being late. That is one thing that really irks me. Sure sometimes, it happens, you are running late, but I try to avoid it at all costs. I'd rather be 20 mins early than even 5 mins late.

My office moved to downtown Boston, and I now commute and take the bus. So yesterday, I got to the bus on time and for some reason, we sat in traffic on this one street for 20 mins! That in turn made me 20 mins late for work....later on, I left work right at 5 to rush to the bus to rush home and get in my car to drive to get my hair done. Sure enough, I get to the bus on time at 5:10 and there's something wrong w/ the bus! Me and a pack of people waiting to board, wait and wait for, 10 mins! Finally another bus comes, we scramble on and it takes off. We get on the highway and because the bus was delayed, we sit in traffic for 20 mins.

So, what's the final outcome? Yup, you guessed it, 20 mins late for my hair appt! Although hair stylist didn't care, I did- arg, I hate bring late!

Sorry for my quick Friday morning rant! Ever have one of these type of days that just feels off?



  1. Argh, I hate that too! My mom is constantly late so we always give her the wrong(earlier) time so she can somewhat be there when we need her to be.

    So with you on the days that feel off...had one yesterday and today. Just feel so blah...think I need a break.

    Have a great weekend :) xx

  2. haha its a ganson gene, im the same way. id rather be an HOUR early then 2 minutes late.. lol

    get podcasts!! itll keep you busy and relaxed since you cant read lol.

  3. I hate being late too! Breath and relax...

  4. Everyday is OFF for me, I just ignore it and keep the switch turned ON !!!


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