Metallic jackets

I am not a fan of Megan Fox, but we have been seeing a lot of her and her style on the Transformers press circuit. I love this recent look, featuring a Gucci metallic jacket. A chic statement with jeans, black pants, and heels, here are some other metallic jacket options for you...

Metallic leather shrunken jacket, Newport News
Leather version, good for fall, and on sale for $99 (reduced from $159).

Lauren Moffatt metallic lace blazer, LuvCharlie
I adore this- the back is so cute (check out the website for more views) and it's also on sale for $145 (reduced from $286).

'Kiefer' metallic linen jacket, Ralph Lauren
Gilded perfection, and I love it paired with white.

Metallic silver jacket, eDressMe
A go-to, staple piece.

Diane von Furstenberg 'Brady' metallic jacket, Saks
While not a blazer, I absolutely desire this jacket from DVF.
I will be stalking this piece to go on sale!

Metallic satin shrug, Forever21
At less than $25, this is a no brainer.

Tell me, would you wear a metallic jacket?



  1. I'm sooo not a fan of Megan Fox either, but I really like this look. The DVF jacket is fabulous... oh but WHY does it have to be $285!? ;)

  2. i am not a big metallic jacket fan but the last one is fabulous and what a deal. : )

  3. Make that three, I'm not a fan of Ms. Fox either! My fave is the Lauren Moffatt metallic lace blazer, that's solely fab!

  4. Definitely would - though more so if when there's just a touch or if the whole thing is kinda washed out and subdued. Don't want to look like the Tinman :)
    p.s. Did you wear your jumpsuit yet? I have 2 that I have yet to wear...

  5. i'm all about metallic jackets for fall. my "dress" is actually from the pajamas section from target!

  6. well i would wear metallic jacket if it's that on megan fox and DVF on your pic haha

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