My dad and stepmom live in Newburyport, MA, a seaside city on the Northshore full of old homes, quaint streets that lead to the Merrimack River or Main Street, gelato and ice cream shops, boutiques, and restaurants bustling with seafood and g&t lovers.

Every July, Newburyport boats its Riverfest- the local radio station 92.5 The River's annual outdoor concert. That afternoon, and beginning in the wee morning, cars crowd the main streets, people eat from food stands (hot dogs, chowder, and fried dough to name a few on the menu), and carry cups of "fresca" (vodka lemonade...) towards the river. No-name bands' music fill the streets as people of all ages dance and sing. It's a great afternoon, and me and my 2 friends went this year. We enjoyed the perks of a gorgeous day, "frescas", and my dad's BBQ.
Here's some shots....

The scene.

The girls enjoying some David's lobster cakes!

Steeple sunset.

One of the musicians at the show was Eric Hutchinson- think of him as the next Gavin DeGraw/Jason Mraz. Love this song:



  1. Sounds like great fun, I love it! Mmmm...lobster cakes :)

    p.s. Thanks for answering my question...should've read the title of your post...you must think I'm a doorknob, LOL.

  2. OMG! That looks like Summer fun - and those lobster cakes - Yum Yum!!!


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