Sweet bridesmaids gift

Isn't this such a nice bridesmaid gift idea? I have only been in one wedding- my dad and step-mom's when I was 15- and I received a Tiffany bracelet. I am a big believer in giving your bridesmaids a special gift and also treat them to mani/pedi for the wedding day considering they are paying for a dress, shoes, wedding gift, shower gift, etc. While I loved the Tiffany bracelet and my step-mom only had 3 of us in the wedding party, I love the idea of giving something thoughtful and personal, that may not cost much, but means a lot.


  1. Beautiful idea! Books have much more personality than jewelry, right?


  2. This is a lovely and sweet idea, I agree with Couture Carrie, books do have far more personality than jewelry !!!


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