Bargain sites galore

By now you should've signed up, as these sample, limited-time-only sites are all the rage in online shopping. But, just in case you haven't, click these links to get a skip-the-wait-list invite courtesy of La vie...J'aime :)

My top 4:
RueLaLa- my favorite and the most affordable. I've ordered the most from this site (Free People dress and J Brand jeans to name a couple).
HauteLook- great brands and usually the greatest selection of items to choose from in each designer's sale. *New sorting abilities are now available by price, size, and category (quite helpful!). Can be pricier than RueLaLa.
Gilt- my second favorite, but usually out of my price range. It's a splurge or sigh-worthy site for me. *Use this invite for Gilt Fuse too- the new, lower priced sister of Gilt.
Ideeli- I am new to this one, and so far, I like what I see! Seems to be the middle ground of the four mentioned above (price wise).

Up and comers:
Editors' Closet- It's new, and I think it will be like Gilt but with lesser known and up and coming designers. If you'd like an invite and don't wait to wait on the wait list, let me know and I can send you one.
Designer Social- also new. So far, it's more of an exchange of pieces (new and vintage)- see more of my thoughts here. If you are interested, sign up and write as your referral.

So there's the round up... did I leave any out? If so, let me know, because I need to sign up!



  1. there's also the outnet, cocosa(which is european?), gilt fuse, billiondollarbabes(used to be called regent's secret i believe, but don't know why they changed it), and the top secret

  2. I luv these sites especially my fave: RueLaLa too!:}


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