Boho hues

I really loved the image from the previous post, that I decided to get creative with a look. What do you think?

Also, did you enjoy the PR premiere last night as much as I did? I am glad that it's the same old PR and that there were no changes in the move to Lifetime. I also thoroughly enjoyed the All Stars and would love to see that again with other past faves. Those designers really have come a long way since their PR days. LOVED Korto's (I cannot believe her restaurant look- amazing) and Daniel was chic and creative, as always.

Friday Faves to come later today!



  1. I love the colors of that dress; like a pretty rainbow! That fringe bag is also great!

  2. I love the fringe bag, so hippie chic!


  3. Wow! This post makes me feel HAPPY! I luv the colors and you matched everything sooo deliciously perfect!
    P.S. Last night's PR premiere was not disappointing it was solely GREAT!


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