DIY: Jeweled sandals by Mom

My Mom is so crafty and artistic. She has created "art" in our house and is always dreaming up fun DIY projects from fashion to home items.

Her newest project involved a pair of jeweled Swarovski flip flops that she bought for an overpriced amount in Maine. Granted, they are cute, fun, and look great, so I totally supported her purchase. In true Mom fashion, she immediately thought I can make this. And so she did- for me, her, my step bro's gf, and my other step bro's fiancee.

While I don't know all the steps, I know it involved a $3 Old Navy flip flop and an inexpensive jewel cluster from Michael's, coupled with twine and cement, you've got these creations.



She is now taking orders. :)



  1. Please let Laura know that I would like to order a pair, with a dragonfly of course, on a blue or gray sandal. Brown would also work. I LOVE these, too cute. :)

  2. That's adorable - your pair is my favorite! :)

  3. oh how darling. these are wonderful.

  4. OMG! I luv flip-flops especially PRETTY ones like these!

  5. loving the green ones!! your mom sounds like so much fun!!


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