Elizabeth and James

I love MK and A Olsen's line Elizabeth and James. The flirty clothes reflect their infamous style. Having recently expanded with a jewelry line with Robert Lee Morris, this fall their shoe line, in conjunction with Steve Madden, debuts. I am in love. Sadly, my wallet cannot accommodate these prices, but I will oogle over them until they go on sale.

Love this look from the other day @ Much Music.
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I think MK is wearing this E&J blazer belted as a dress.

If you love MK and A's fashions, definitely check out Olsens Anonymous blog.



  1. i am in love with there style and there collection! shoes are amazing! and MK wearing blazers as dresses is such a great idea! xoxoox

  2. I love MKA! They are sooo stylish. If only I could emulate their looks.... :( I'm in love with that wedge shoe! I saw it on MK on Olsens Anonymous and have been lusting after it ever since.

  3. I love their effortless style...except the homeless phase. But yes, we shall have to wait for the sales :(

  4. i like the casual style of E & J....

  5. I luv the Olsens, they're sooo fabulously chic and their collection is solely to WISH for! Sooo I'll keep WISHING, HOPING, and PRAYING !!!


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