FEED your fashion and children in need

Jennifer Aniston was spotted looking effortlessly chic (as usual) in NYC. She is wearing a Calypso dress and carrying what I believe to be this FEED bag. I think it's this bag because I have seen it in a few mags recently- I recognized the burlap canvas, sequins on the side, and 2 strap handle (hmm just made myself sound a bit crazy, no?).

This FEED bag is new to the FEED line and only available in Bergdorf Goodman stores (not online). For $195, you not only enrich your handbag collection, but you enrich and feed two Kenyan children for one year. You FEED you, you feed them; everybody wins!

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  1. I like the idea of buying that bag. Helping people and shopping therapy at the same time!

  2. Cool idea! I think I read about this somewhere in a magazine; I'm glad people are doing it!

  3. that's such a lovely idea! if you're spending loads of money on a bag, it's great to know that the money's being put to such good use

  4. Jennifer always looks FAB! I gave my cousin a FEED 100 bag for her Birthday! I would luv to have this one!!!:)


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