Golden floral necklaces

I used to love ANTM, but over the years as Tyra has gotten more and more shall I say, flamboyant, I have stopped watching. I guess I lost interest. I will admit though in this shot, she looks good, even fierce, in this gorgeous coral dress and gilded floral necklace. Here are some cheap and chic, nearly identical options.



  1. I agree with you about ANTM. My friend and I used to watch it religiously and talk about it all the time... but then it just got so bizarre.

  2. Same here, I use to live and breathe her show but not anymore, I find it suffocating!
    I luv these necklaces especially the first one on the bottom!

  3. love love love those necklaces!!!!
    i'm the 15th follower ;D

  4. the top right one is lovely!


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