Kennedy Legacy

When Eunice Kennedy Shriver passed away earlier this month, Ted Kennedy did not attend her funeral, fueling speculation that he may join her and his brothers and sisters soon. That moment came today. Once again in Massachusetts and on the Cape, reporters are everywhere, and memorial videos, photos, and other tributes are all over the TV and Web.

As I mentioned in this post, the Kennedys fascinate me, as I am sure they do most Americans.

Fittingly, Ted Kennedy was on the cover of Newsweek in July.
This feature article is worth a read.



  1. Lovely tribute, darling!

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  2. Very sad news, indeed. But you've written a wonderful tribute here. :)

  3. I was sooo Sad to hear that Ted Kennedy passed away, so soon after his sister - What a tragedy for the family! Isn't there one more sibling, a sister that is still alive?
    The Kennedy's continue to FASCINATE me, they're just a MAGNIFICENT FAMILY!
    p.s. GREAT POST!:}


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