Lovely lockets

Lockets are timeless. Locket bib necklaces? Perhaps not so much. Featured in the NYT's The Cut blog , they marvel over this Banana Republic piece, calling it a favorite of BR's fall jewelry collection.

While I think it's fantastic to use a classic piece of jewelry in modern way, I am not really a fan of this one. I love the bib necklace trend, but I think I would like it better if the gems were different shapes and colors.

I have a simple gold locket from when I was younger, and I prefer lockets like these.

What do you think of BR's bib locket necklace? Do you like or prefer the more simpler ones like me?



  1. simpler ones for me! i like the second one, in the top row.simple and classy!

    and OMG believe me, you're gonna love him MORE as the story goes by!! i know...2 days!! i sat down the whole weekend and did nothing except read, i cudnt put the books down!you shud totally read the 4th book, it's the best!

  2. I'm not sure, in general I think I go for the more simple ones just because they can be worn with anything; but I know that I wouldn't shy away from something bigger and bolder! Everything has its time and place!

  3. I prefer the simpler ones! Lockets are sooo sentimental and precious! I still have mine from when I was a kid! Of course I didn't like it then but now I luv it!:}

  4. I totally agree with you...the bib necklace is WAY too much. I think it might even look better wrapped around your wrist 2x. I love the look of a simple, beautiful single locket with an antique family photo inside.


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