Morning eye candy

I love(d) Tom Brady, as a Boston/Pats fan and general hot athlete guy fan. I saw him one time when he was dating Bridge Moynahan at The Capital Grille in Boston. I nearly fainted, I was so shocked and excited...omg, this is when we meet and he falls in love with me! (19 year old thought process). When he started dating Gisele, things seemed doomed for us...OK, he officially will never be mine, who can compete with her! (more "rational" 22 year old thought). When he got a season ending injury in the first game of the 2008 season, I got mad...this is his fault, he just wants to gallivant around with Gisele! (semi irrational 23 year old thought).

Now while my crush still carries on, my love needs to be earned back with a season to remember. With this cover, he is back; he is healed; he is married; he is on Entourage; he is ready to win in September and hopefully February (knock on wood);
and he still looks good.



  1. Whose to say things won't work out with Giselle somewhere down the line, and he'll come knocking on your door? Stranger things have happened! Here's to hoping! :)

  2. Who doesn't love Tom Brady? Simple answer: no one. Lucky biatch, Giselle.

  3. hahaha, well I think they make a good couple :P


  4. OMG! Talk about a HUNK! I don't even watch Football but when he plays I never miss it!

  5. This was great. Jaime you are so fabulous at this. Quick short blogs witty and full of fun stuff.


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