Obamas in MA

It's Obama fever in Massachusetts, especially on Martha's Vineyard where the First Family is currently! They arrived this weekend, looking chic and happy.

Michelle's dress is by Sophie Theallet. Sascha and Malia are fashionistas in the making already.

(love this shot)

If you love reading about Michelle Obama's fashion choices, check out this blog, Mrs.O.

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  1. "Sophia and Malia are already fashionistas in the making." My thoughts exactly! :)

  2. Sorry, Sascha. Not sure why I wrote Sophia. :P

  3. Oh I adore Martha's Vineyard! So fun!


  4. Those are great photos of the First Family!
    I love that Michelle Obama loves J Crew.

  5. LUCKY OBAMAS! I haven't been to Martha's Vineyard in 7 years! Every Summer I say I'm going but never make it back! This is such a Fashionably Fab Family! I luv their STYLE!

  6. I love Michelle's dress. She always looks pulled together. :-)


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