Pretty paper

Lengthening print

Every day I receive Boston Daily Candy emails, and this morning's featured a lovely artist, ThePaperApartment. She is based in Boston, so naturally, she was featured for DC Boston.
I loved the image above that was in the email, so I checked our her Etsy site. She has some gorgeous paper pieces! I particularly liked these

We Grew Together print

Feather notepad
(Loving this for my daily to do lists)

Ruffles note cards

I am amazed at the talent and what Etsy artists have to offer!



  1. The Lengthening Print is my absolute favorite. I love the muted tones she uses.

    I must agree with you...there are so many Etsy artists with a lot to offer. It's amazing how many talents are walking about amongst us! :)

  2. Those note cards are beautiful! I've got a thing for stationery and I'm terrible at actually using them. I *save* them when they're too pretty!

  3. Gorgeous finds, darling! Isn't etst wonderful?


  4. OMG! Jaime, I solely agree with Couture Carrie, these are Gorgeous Finds!!!


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