Socialize with Designer Social

Designer Social, a new sell/buy website, found me on Twitter yesterday. I checked out the site and signed up right away. Founded by various people in the media/fashion world, who boast affiliations with Lucky, Jane magazine, Neiman Marcus, and Chanel among others, the site aims to bring together "commerce and community" in "an online boutique showcasing a chic, edited collection" of high fashion accessories. It's a spot to buy, sell, or swap new or used designer bags, accessories, and jewelry.

It seems the site is just starting out,
but they definitely have some high end name brands and
nice bags to boast about...




I look forward to seeing what else is to come! Sign up here and reference for referral please! :)



  1. It sounds like an interesting idea. Almost like a social networking site for fashionistas! :)

  2. OMG! I have to check this site out! Thanks Jaime for the post and I'll be sure to sign up, matter of fact I just did !!!


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