Style you Sunday: D

My friend D is gracious enough to be the second Style you Sunday. She wants to purchase the "it" jacket this fall- a boyfriend blazer. She is also in need of some versatile, comfortable, and appropriate (biz casual) work clothes. I came up with 4 looks for D starting with the bf blazer. Then I used 2 bags and 2 pairs of shoes that mix and match with the 2 outfits:

-Boots with both left looks
-Sling backs with both right looks
-Black tote with both top looks
-Red bag with both bottom looks

The outfits round out her criteria and some other hot trends this fall: red, tights, bib necklace, to name a few. Mix and match D!

Now, after telling D midweek that I had slaved over her looks for Style you Sunday (not really, it's a welcome break from work, hehe), she informed me that she recently splurged and purchased this top from Anthropologie. She wanted some tips on what to wear it with and also now wants some skinny black pants for work. So to work on her second Style you Sunday I went.... I created 2 looks based on the Anthro top and found a great pair of skinny pants from JCrew. I liked the khaki and black versions. Both will go with the off white tote. :)

Don't forget to submit for this upcoming Style you Sunday!



  1. Looooovely looks! (: Thanks for entering the contest doll. I'll have the winner chosen tomorrow!

    la C.

  2. i love the blue floral scarf in the second set of pics! =)

  3. OMG! They're all sooo FAB, I can't choose, probably because I want EVERYTHING!!!!:)


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