Style you Sunday

I love the Style me series I have every now and then, where you, my reader, style me. The creativity and ideas are so helpful, and it really helps me to see my clothes in a unique way. So I thought, what about you guys? Hence, starting this Sunday I will begin Style you Sunday.

Here's how it works:
1. Comment with a link to an image of a piece (or 2) that you would like to purchase for me to style an outfit for you. Or if you have an pic of something you own, email to Provide your budget for me to work with and any other major preferences- for example, maybe you absolutely never wear heels because your bf is kinda short or you absolutely never wear bright yellow because it clashes with your complexion (sadly this one applies to me).
2. All week I will work feverishly to create a fabulous look for you!
3. The following Sunday, I will post the outfit for you, and it will start all over again with entries.

So quick, post/email me, so I can create the first look by this Sunday! Looking forward to styling you :)

*Update: My roomie is going to be the guinea pig. :)
Her look to come on Sunday.



Thanks for reading!

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