Uggs, fUggs, and I am a winner!

Uggs and fUggs (faux-Uggs) came onto the scene when I was in college. Being at Syracuse University, Uggs weren't just fashionable, they were a necessity. Let's just say if you haven't been to the Cuse in winter, don't go. It snows everyday for MONTHS. Though I complained and complained, it's really a bonding experience for all the Cuse alums, and this snow day (a first in like 20 years) from the Valentine's Day blizzard of 2007, will forever live in infamy...oh and The Quad looks really pretty in the snow- when you can bear to walk through said blizzard(s).

Starting in my Cuse days, I have owned about 5 pairs of Uggs (boots and slippers) and one pair of fUggs (not my proudest moment, but as a post-college grad with no job, I couldn't afford the real deal :/ ). With fall approaching and my fUgg time behind me, I am in the market for new Uggs. Yes, yes, people say they are out and so ugly, but once you put your foot in and the sheepskin envelopes you and warms your soul, you are hooked-
try it all you haters, I swear!

I am looking to purchase these classics
Ugg 'Classic Tall' boot, Nordstrom

and this pair of cute flats that caught my eye.
Ugg 'Rime' skimmer, Nordstrom

I noticed in my finds that the Ugg line has expanded tremendously. There are new color patterns, new fabrics, sandals, slippers, etc. From rain boots

Ugg tall cuffed rainboot, Saks

to suede/leather boots
Ugg 'Highkoo' boot, Nordstrom

to knit boots.
Ugg 'Classic Argyle sweater knit' boot, Nordstrom

What do you think of Uggs?
Do you own a pair(s) or are you anti-Uggs?

*Update: Vogue's ALT wears Uggs!

PS: I am a giveaway winner from Couture Carrie (a beyond fabulous blog I check out every day!). I am so thrilled. I won a lovely set of fashion note cards from Fifi Flowers.
Thanks you two!



  1. Congrats Jaime!
    Oh, I have 2 pairs of ugglies :) Winter in Toronto - or anywhere in Canada - is brutal. they keep my toesies toasty :)

  2. i don't own a pair of ugg but i like the knitted one in the last pic. i might get one pair in the winter. : )

  3. Wow! Congratulations on those FABULOUS note cards! I luv UGGS too, I can't live without them in the COLD! This SUMMER I bought 2 pairs of UGG Flip flops!
    Right now I have my eyes on the Celt knee boots from the Celtic Sheepskin company those are really nice too!

  4. I love them too for the winter...unless they get wet! I'm now in love with Hunters for these wet winters in Boston! -carlee


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