Weekend post 1: Waterfire Providence

I had such a great weekend this weekend, and I hope you all did too! My step bro and his fiancee and my bro were in from out of town (Kansas City and NYC, respectively). It's so nice to have lots of family around.

Saturday night, my mom wanted to do something different, so we all went to Providence for dinner and Waterfire. We ate at this amazing restaurant Parkside, which was fabulous- loved the atmosphere, the drinks, the food, the company! It was one of the best meals I have had out in a while. I definitely recommend it if you head to Prov anytime soon.

Waterfire was gorgeous- basically, they light little bonfires throughout the river. People come out to watch the fires, listen to music, eat at the street fair, shop at little booths, and maybe ride a boat or gondola down the river! Here are some pics from this amazing Saturday night...

Stay tuned for weekend post 2!



  1. Eek! I've missed soooo much! So glad you had a fabulous weekend with family! That picture of is too cute!

    Congratulations on winning those sunnies!!! Slightly jealous, LOL, but so glad they went to you - you totally deserve them and I know you'll rock them out :)

    Last but not least, congratulations on your award! I love your blog and you're one of my fave bloggie friends so it means a lot that you passed one onto me. Thanks, Jaime :)

  2. Family time is awesome, and how cool that your fam from different places all got to come together. That Waterfire place looks gorgeous! What a nice place for a night on the town!

  3. Wow, it seems you had a wonderful time!!


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