Worn: Fedora & I'm a Give-Away winner!

This past weekend I wore my fedora that I searched so long and hard for to an outdoor concert in Boston. I had trouble capturing my outfit, but I wore it with a navy JCrew dress and silver Isaac Mizrahi for Target gladiators (thanks roomie!)

Also, I won a give-away!! I am so utterly shocked because I really never win anything (really, on Xmas eve, my step dad's family always does scratch tix, and I have yet to win even $1!). I am so excited, and thank you to the Bostonista for this fantastic prize (below)!
Check out her blog- she is a fellow Bostonian as well.

Current/Elliot legging jeans from
ChickDowntown.com that I will receive!



  1. Those jeans are so hot ~ congrats!


  2. Hooray! Winning is the best!! Love those jeans!

  3. WOW! Jaime you LOOK FABULOUS !!! I luv the fedora, it's a perfect match! Congratulations on winning that FAB pair of jeans - LUCKY YOU!


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