Wrap around watches

Inspired by this lovely picture from the lovely blog The Sartorialist, I adore the gold wrap watch she is wearing. I can only imagine the price and brand, but in the meantime, I have found some well-priced options:

Silver double wrap watch, Kenneth Cole
Simple silver chic.

Fabric wrap watch, Urban Outfitters
A pair with anything watch and comes in a few other colors.

La Mer multi chain wrap watch, Luv Charlie
On my must have list for fall.

And one expensive, lust worthy, don't eat for months option:
Hermes Cape Cod Tour watch, Orolus



  1. Jaime, I want a double wrap watch! Do they make a mens style?

  2. I love the look of these watches! They remind me of gorgeous cuff bracelets!

  3. I have a watch obsession! I'm always asking for a watch for birthdays or Christmas, I love them.
    Husband should start saving for the Hermes I think...

  4. WOW! Jaime thanks for posting these Fab watches, now I WANT ONE,especially the La Mer multi chain wrap watch !!!


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