I had signed up for Rachel Zoe's e-newsletter The Zoe Report months ago, and today I received the first email. I'll admit that her Bravo show is a guilty pleasure of mine (along with Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood and Dating in the Dark...), so I cannot wait for her second season to start later this month.

In the first report, RZ showcases Brian Atwood leopard print platform shooties (at a RZ price of $680). She "DIE"s over the height, leopard print, and possibilities for wearing these shoes. While I appreciate her commentary on how to wear it, and I feel as though she actually wrote this (not an assistant), I more appreciate her "parallel universe" or look for less- Steve Madden's non-leopard version for $130.

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  1. I love Rachel Zoe! Her show is hilarious. I have to get S to download them for me.

    Oh & I love your 10 Things, congratulations on the award! I am not a morning person either! I cry at all the movies you mentioned and I love that you danced all those years and how fun to learn about you studying abroad!

    Thank you for your supportive comments :)

    BTW, how did I miss that I'm not a follower of yours??? I just added myself - silly me, I SERIOUSLY thought I was already. I'm here all the time, LOL!

  2. I confess, I luv Rachel Zoe, she's solely Fabulous! Thanks for the Zoe Report sign up, I did!!!


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