Yellow Vespa

How cute does Anne Hathaway look on the set of her new movie Valentine's Day? I love the messenger bag, boots, and the Vespa!

My old co-worker loved Vespas and always wanted one. While I think I'd be a bit frightened at first, it'd be fun to ride one some day around Boston or down a cute, tree-lined street leading to a beach on the Cape or someplace on the coast.

While practical for city dwellers and people in locations that don't experience rain/snow (i.e. NOT New England), Vespas have become trendy the past few years. In 2007, The Gap came out with a limited edition Vespa...

But if I could have my dream Vespa, you'd see me around in my fave color...

What do you think of this trendy mode of transportation?



  1. Love Vespas!
    Have always wanted one in sea-foam green!


  2. love vespas too!
    It's actually one of the most common vehicles in Amsterdam! very popular!


  3. Wow! They are deliciously appetizing however knowing me I would crash into a tree or something!

  4. ohhh I love Anne Hathaway! Back in San Francisco I would see Vespas everywhere! Now, not so much. I think you're right about the weather in New England! You wouldn't get to ride it tooo much!


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