Today is 09.09.09! These types of days are limited (10.10.10, 11.11.11, 12.12.12), so let's enjoy 09.09.09. While there are countering ideas, good and bad, about this special day, as seen here, I will focus on the lucky part of the number 9- because why focus on the negative, right? The number 9 is lucky in Chinese, and ancient emperors factored the number 9 into every day life.

Lately , I have been quite lucky, winning 3 blog giveaways this summer! But, I could always use more luck. I don't really have a lucky item, do you? If not, here are some pieces to bring you some luck.



  1. I would defintely feel lucky wearing that gorg cocktail ring!

  2. Love all the LUCK items!! 3 contests, what a lucky duck you are. I could use some luck my way. :) Pretty blog


  3. you are my lucky charm!

  4. loving that cocktail ring infact im loving all these pieces woop! xxxx

  5. Chinese loves 9 while Japanese have opposing views. Oh well, 9/9/9 is a good number, it's a good anniversary date much like the 8/8/8 of last year. I love both numbers.

  6. This is SO CUTE!! I feel luckier just reading it!

    OMG I see a Pumpkin Latte!!! I put that in my post earlier! SO EXCITED. :)

  7. i think i left my comment on Polyvore...dafty!
    so i was saying that i love the wishbone charm. and that being born on Paddy's day, i should reward myself with a cute wee shamerock.

    and what the deal with pumpkin latte, guys??xxx

  8. Wow! I'm late posting and forgot about the 09.09.09 thingy but that FAB ring is one not to forget, it's solely FABULOUS!!!:)


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