Back to school

This fall marks the beginning of my 3rd year out of college- I graduated in 2007 from Syracuse University. Today typically marks the beginning of school for most students, whether it's elementary, middle, high or college level. It's a new adventure each year as you look forward to making more memories with your friends and going to classes.

Since I am not going back to school- :( - I thought I would take a trip down memory lane and what I miss at my alma mater.

The quad

A La Mode- best sandwiches ever

Chuck's- bar on campus where everyone really made their mark

#3 and Cuse basketball

Pics like this...that are only really acceptable in college
When I was blonde!

Daisy Dukes- country bar with all country music and the infamous mechanical bull

The dome

Back to school shopping


Where's your alma mater? If you're still in school, what do you look forward to each fall?



  1. Well that was completely devastating.

  2. aw college. i miss those days. i miss the dorms, the crepes on campus, my favorite professor, the DC, the lame-o games that we lost, the parties, the mornings after, etc. etc. the list can go on and on.

  3. I miss college. I did a similar post but that was when I went back to visit my alma matter after a long time. It's so good to reminisce.

  4. WOW! Time flies doesn't it especially when you're having FUN, what am I talking about!
    In College time takes forever and studying is solely no FUN!!!
    p.s. It is a JOY to take a trip down MEMORY LANE and say WHAT a RELIEF I'm finished!!!:)

  5. i also have an orange college hoodie :)
    i practically live in those hoodies during finals time haha

  6. why exactly are the drinking pics only acceptable in college??

  7. Sigh. I miss that bull.

    I believe that is me trying to stay on, key word being TRY.


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