Beanie chic

Watching the RZP last night, I loved the beanies that RZ wore during F/W 2009 fashion week this past February. I especially died over the sequined red/orangey one above.

While I love my fedora, a knit hat may be necessary this winter....perhaps I should try this beanie chic look?
What do you think of the beanie?

PS: at 19 followers! 1 more to 20...who's the lucky #20 to get a post about their blog?!



  1. i love the white one with the ribbon! cute stuff ^^

    and p.s. i also wish they'd end up the maryanne storyline, she really annoys me

  2. I loved the DVF "die" for.. amazing.
    love nance

  3. ohh this makes me want winter to come fast!!

  4. great beanie picks! I love the sequin one, how fun is that?

  5. I want a beanie, OMG! I just looked over to my right and saw that DELICIOUS Pumpkin SPIKE LATTE - Yum,YUMMY! I luv your beanie picks especially the Black with the sequins!!!:)

  6. i think a beanie would be cute for Fall...besides it's more practical in cool weather than a fedora (that's the hat for summer). i would love to get a sequin beanie!!

  7. As a hat-addict myself I love your selection here!!!

  8. ok, i do like these beanies but they just won't hold on the back of my head! is it just me?


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