Best and Worst of the VMAs

The VMAs always bring out the best and the worst of celebrities. I watched some of the show and the highlights for me were the MJ tribute, Beyonce's performance, and Beyonce inviting Taylor Swift up to properly accept her award.

Here's my fashion round up.

Best overall look: Whitney Port
Chic, simple, and not too over the top, but fun.

Best dress: Olivia Palermo
Unique LBD w cut-outs.

Best shoes: Jennifer Lopez
Amazing Loubs...not liking her dress at all though!

Best face: Taylor Swift
Fab red lips and love her soft up-do.
The dress is lovely too, but I think a bit old for her.

Best accessories: Kristen Cavallari
Hard to tell in this pic, but great cuff and earrings.

Worst dressed many times over: Lady Gaga
I just don't get it....?

Who did you like/not like at last night's VMAs?



  1. Whitney Port...looooove.

    Lady Gaga is oddly fierce. ODDLY. haha :)

  2. You couldn't be more on point with best/worst dress picks! :) I cannot wait for the return of The City...yay!


  3. Lady Gaga is always consistent. I love Olivia Palermo's dress.

  4. I loved my City gals, Whitney & Olivia. Both looked stunning!

  5. I actually didn't watch the VMA's. We don't have TV :(. I love Olivia Palermo and Taylor Swift's outfits the best!!! I love them both!

  6. OMG! I think Taylor Swift looked BEAUTIFUL but I agree the dress was a bit too old for her and
    Lady Gaga I'm without WORDS! My fave look of the night, I would say is Whitney Port too!!!:)
    p.s. For some strange reason, Jennifer Lopez reminds me of POSH!

  7. I definitely did not like Lady gaga. Why would she wear that kind of clothes... I did not get it either.

  8. p.s. yes actually, when you say 'skinny' while making your order in starbucks they use low-fat milk instead of whole milk.
    it's a pathetic effort on my part to reassure myself that what i'm ordering doesn't pack THAT many calories lol

  9. Whitney looks so cute and lady gaga she just looks crazy.

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