For my 20th follower

Amanda's Sunshine is my 20th follower- a huge thank you! :)
As promised, this is special post devoted to Amanda.

First off, love her blog. From the creative and whimsical header

to her adorable "baby"

to her comment signature: "I *heart* comments!"

I searched through her posts and she just recently purchased a pair of majorly on sale Coco Belle sandals. I noticed she has some items she is eyeing right now for fall, so I created a look just for her, perfect for Sept weather.
Hope you like it, Amanda!:)

I really am glad to have found Amanda's blog- and 360+ followers cannot be wrong- so you should follow too!



  1. That is so cute that you did a style guide for her! That's so sweet!

  2. do you do this for all your followers?! that is so cute. love me some distressed denim.

  3. How cute is this?! What a good bloggy buddy you are!!!

  4. That's so awesome that you did this post! And I really like the casual outfit that you came up with!

  5. amanda is the sweetest. i love the look for amanda. : )

  6. ooh, love your picks, especially the studded bag! Congrats to the 20th follower!

  7. cute look you've done for Amanda! love the

  8. OMG! This is Fashionably INGENIOUS!!!:)

  9. Love the polyvore....nicely put together, that pink scarf...yummmm. Off to check out amanda's blog then!

    xox, mavi

  10. Aww... Thank you Jamie!

    I feel so special!! =)

    I love the "look" you created for me!


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