Friday Faves

Living in: The Virgin Suicides @ Design*Sponge
I love their Living in series, and this movie was a fab choice.

Chris Benz RTW Spring 2010 @ a glamourous little side project
How cute and whimsical are these 2 looks?

Daily inspiration from Marianne Goldin @ Creature Comforts
I just love this fashion-inspired artwork.

Bags growing on trees @ Brigadeiro
1. Don't we all wish this was true? and 2. Check out her fabulous bags!

Colourful personality @ Little Bits & Blogs
What do your color choices say about you? From The Paper Source.

90s Gap khaki commercials @ Children of the 90s
Because who doesn't remember and love these iconic ads?

Have a great weekend! I will be in NYC to visit my brother....of course, just missing NYFW :/



  1. the 90's gap commercials post was the best! those commercials were really something weren't they? :)

  2. I would love it if bags grew on trees! They could grow new bags each season....aaaah, to dream! Happy Friday!

  3. bags growing on trees, now that would be a dream come true!

  4. Such great links!! I'll have to check all those out :D:D

  5. I think you may have found the most fabulous posts ever. The Virgin Suicides - check. Chris Benz - check. Fashion illustrations - check. Bags growing on trees - if only! :)

  6. Seriously need a bag tree in my backyard. Right now. I'm still kicking myself for the red Balenciaga that I passed up on a few years back. Having it in my hands then saying the words "I'll think about it"....grrrr little did I know I'd be thinking about it for years. Sigh.

    Happy weekend, J!

  7. Do you think the bags are growing on that tree? If yes, I need the seeds!!!!

  8. WOW! I luv this post, your FRIDAY FAVES are solely my FAVES!!! ~ THANKS!!!:)

  9. Thanks so much for featuring my work!
    Cheers, Marianne Goldin


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