From mom

Email this morning to me and my brother:

Hi- go to CVS or the like and get some of the anti bacterial hand wipes to keep in your pocketbook and knapsack – for when you leave buses and subways…

Your loving mother J

I can only imagine her email is prompted by news that the swine flu epidemic is expected to hit hard this winter. When the swine flu hullabaloo came out this past spring, I went out and got a .99 aloe hand sanitizer from CVS. It's not as alcoholy-smelling as Purell, so I like it.

Here are some other versions for you- all under $5.

A foam version of my CVS one.

Sanitizer and moisturizer=double duty and doesn't nectarine mint sound like it will smell lovely?

Organic, lemony fresh.

Another organic option.

Will you be carrying hand sanitizer this winter?



  1. Oh yes, this, everyday, can't live without it :) I also love the small pocket size Bath & Body unscented one. Such a cute size and doesn't have the overpowering scent.

    Thanks again for everything, Jaime :) xx

  2. I love the notes mothers send their offspring - so fun, in a very freak-out type of way.

    I already carry antibacterial stuff with me. My handbag is kind of packed to the gills with items that may or may not come in handy on a daily basis! :)

  3. Great options, J!
    Your mom is so sweet :)


  4. I carry hand sanitizers with me everywhere I go!
    OMG! I am sooo paranoid of this flu thing, it FREAKS ME OUT!!! - The first two I have, the last two I'll invest in! THANK YOU!!!:)


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