Fug Girls rock

Have you checked out The Cut blog, the fashion blog for New York Magazine? If not, you must subscribe to the blog for the fashion gossip, reviews, and the Fug Girls. These 2 bloggers comment on everything in the fashion industry, with their own wit, personality, and humor.

Some of my favorite tidbits from the past week of Fug Girls include...

On the scene at Christian Siriano's show:
"We also wouldn’t mind sitting next to Kelly Rowland, both because she cheerfully introduced herself to everyone in her vicinity, but also because we need to get the name of her facialist: Her complexion is amazing."

Regarding Katy Perry's outfit at last night's VMA awards:
"This is the perfect outfit for any aspiring skater looking to star in Joan of Arc On Ice."

Victoria Beckham makes their inner 90s girls dreams come true:

"Victoria — wearing an adorable frock that made her legs look about a mile long — kicked off the event by personally greeting each guest. As usual, we were completely incapable of being suave and instead stammered something idiotic about how much we love her. Posh was nice enough not to kick us out on the grounds of being unimportant, and instead politely replied that being loved was a nice change. Or something like that. Honestly, we barely heard her. Our brains were collectively screaming, 'OH MY GOD, I SAW SPICE WORLD IN THE THEATER!' "

Check out the Fug Girls here for more witty banter regarding what makes the world go round...fashion!



  1. Hysterical!

    Btw, love that Chanel Jade polish in your right hand column!


  2. HAHA great blog. So funny and TRUE!

  3. Thanks for sharing the link to that site. We all need a laugh once in awhile.

  4. OMG! YOU make me LAUGH sooo HARD my stomach hurts!!!:)


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