Gwen in Burberry and newsletter announcement!

First off- absolutely LOVING Gwenyth Paltrow's oufit she wore when attending the Burberry show at London Fashion Week. The mix of a dressy skirt, boyfriend blazer, and the simple, graphic, printed T all works perfectly. She can do no wrong in all fashion- gowns, mini dresses, you name it.

Second- want to see more about what I think of Gwen's look? Sign up for my new newsletter! I hope to send it out weekly, providing more about me and La vie...J'aime that is not included on this site. The first one goes out on Monday, so sign up quick!
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  1. she does look cute. not sure about the skirt but she pulls it off well.

  2. I think she looks adorable. I wonder if she's an ice queen in real life. It's sad how people get judged. A newsletter? How do you have time! Awesome lady!

  3. I totally love her, I don't care what anyone says...I wasn't crazy about the skirt but the rest is divine.

  4. I love this outfit on Gwen! She usually dresses a bit more mature but I prefer seeing her in this. So youthful & fun!

    Congrats on the newsletter!

  5. Agree--Gwen can do no wrong! I've been contemplating doing my hair like that lately, it's gotten super long and I love how sleek and simple hers is!

  6. Gwen always looks awesome. I love her simple laid back outfit here.

    You still have time to do a newsletter? How fabulous!

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