In the navy

Natalie Portman looks so cute in this picture snapped over the weekend. The blouse, wide leg pants, and cute pea coat all work together nicely.
I love coats- long, cropped, leather, fleece, parka, cotton, wool, name it. I have a long military inspired pea coat from DKNY that I got years ago at the outlets, but these cute short versions could definitely find a way into my wardrobe... :)

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  1. Oh I adore her and that cape is perfect, I love it!

  2. Yes, her cape is nice!I have a similar jacket, it is cute!Xoxo

  3. AH! I saw this photo on In Style and became obsessed! Totally love her...

  4. Natalie rocks in that ensemble. The wide leg pants and the pea coat worked together this time. I was thinking that since the pea coat tends to be voluminous, the bottom must be slim but she proved me wrong.

  5. Natalie Portman is my favourite celeb of all time. I love her jacket. Paired with the long shirt and the green scarf - what a great outfit


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