Labor Day project

Besides sleeping in late and painting my toes this color (hurray for the return of dark nail polish), I crafted yesterday. I've wanted to paint or do something to a plain white mirror I have. I went over to AC Moore, which was an experience in itself, and bought some silver leaf paint. Once I got home, I go to work.

before=white and plain


silvery sheen

that apparently doesn't come off hands so easily...

after (and a peek into my room decor)

I do like how it turned out, but I think it needs another coat or 2 and a bit more dimension- so the next step is perhaps something papier mache? But that's for another day... :)

How did you spend your Labor Day?
PS: up to 30 followers- thank youuuuuu!



  1. i never stopped using dark nail polish for the past 5/6 years! my fav is Rouge Noir de Chanel! xxx

  2. Yay for dark nail polish and great job on the other painting!

  3. Cute! Great project for Labor Day! :)

  4. you were very productive. i love dark nail polish.

  5. Ooh, I like - fabulous DIY darling!

    I spent my Labor Day listening to Coconut Records and reading Suze Rotolo's "A Freewheelin' Time." I needed a break from...everything, I suppose! :)

  6. Gorgeous, darling! Love your DIY!


  7. Nice job! I plan on doing something similar wth a framed cork board I have, but still haven't decided on the color. I want to go really bright!

  8. WOW! Talk about Charm, this is solely Charming creativity! How did I spend Labor day? Watching Bette Davis films, drinking saki, eating sushi and eventually ending up with a stomach ache!!!:)


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