Move-in day

It's September 1st, and two things come to mind-
1) the end of summer and 2) move-in day.

Boston is a college town- BC, BU, Northeastern, Simmons, AIB, SMFA, MassArt, Emerson...the list goes on and on. This past weekend signaled the return of students, and in turn, an overcrowding of my beloved Beantown (we had some politicos and famous faces too, due to the Ted Kennedy funeral).

I love my apt, and seeing all the moving trucks at every other home on my bus ride to work, I am so glad to not be moving. Yet, I couldn't help but dream, if I was moving- and I won the lottery and was able to redecorate- here are some pieces I'd include in my bedroom.

I'd sleep here...

and cuddle in these sheets.

Do my hair and makeup seated here

and put my clothes in here.

What's in your dream bedroom?



  1. OMG! Jaime, That's my FAVORITE BED! I go on the Anthropologie site and just stare at it, HOPING, WISHING and PRAYING that one day I'll fall asleep in it!!!:)
    p.s. I am sooo JEALOUS of that FAB CLOSET!!!

  2. howie and renee have those sheets. no cuddling though...


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