My Fashion Night Out

Fashion’s Night Out is in one week, September 10, around the world with the main retail attractions in NYC. Designers are hosting special evenings, tailored specifically to their brand, in their stores for one night only. A t-shirt has been created with proceeds benefiting the National September 11 Memorial and Museum. I am sure you’ve seen much about this from the celeb endorsed video.

Sadly, I won’t have the pleasure of attending this evening of fashion fun, but if I was going here’s my itinerary:

First I’d hit up Tory Burch’s “neighborhood block party”. I’d listen to the DJ, peruse my fave Reva flats, and sip champagne. I’d splurge on something studded & receive my free w/ purchase camo bag. Thx Tory!

Next, with a slight buzz, I’d head over to Vera Wang. There I will enjoy the Vera Vodka cocktail, and since I will be “camera ready” as she requests, I'll have my photo taken with the revered Ms. Wang herself. Swoon.

OK, now I will be really buzzed, and as I head to Manolo Blahnik , I will wonder where’s the food? But upon arrival at his store, I no longer think of food, I just think of meeting the genius behind all of Carrie Bradshaw’s precious shoes.

Next, on to Michael Kors and Kate Spade, where I purchase this chic black bag from MK, pick up a fab cuff at KS, and do some cha-cha-chaing with the fellow KS revelers. We are all BFFs now, as we bonded over our love of the Havana Highballs being served.

I will get weary and my arms will ache from carrying the clothes I will purchase- yes in my fantasy I am able to purchase a plethora of designer goods and in the name of a good cause!- but I won’t stop, for I must head to DKNY to see Coco Rocha, do an Irish jig (quite a difference from her trips down the runway, I might add).

I see her; I applaud; I air kiss Donna Karan good bye and head home feeling tired, giddy, and let’s face it....drunk. :)

Are any of you attending Fashion's Night Out?

If not, to whose stores would you go?



  1. jeez girl! it's going to take you 2 weeks to recover form all the drinking, shopping, looking ab fab and air kissing!!

  2. love the MK bag... i have one quite similar but it's not patent.

  3. DesBisoux- when in Rome :) If they offer, I shall partake! haha

  4. I'm not attending; but I would be most interested in visiting Tory Burch, Kate Spade, and DKNY. Then taking a peek at Ivanka Trump's new line of jewelry. Oh, I want to go so much! :)

  5. That is an amazing (and jam-packed) itinerary!

  6. I love the KS cuff!!! Would you like to add one another as followers to help get our name out there in blog world !? :)

  7. Thanks! I am a new follower to you !

  8. I love it Jaime! You're a lot me(minus the drinking part lol) but I would totally be taking in the scene. One day I'll get to go to an event like this! But thanks for giving us all a glimpse in the meantime :)

  9. Hmm.. I wish I could go.. but I might have to work a night shift.

  10. I love the shoes Carrie had! did you know that next year there'll be SATC 2?! :D

  11. If I could hop on a plane I would make stops at all of the salons of GORGEOUSLY FABULOUS SOLES!!!:)


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