Party with La vie...J'aime

The Tooth Fairy tagged me with this fun and unique tag- if you were going to allow us to spend a night at your home, we'd like to know the following:

1. What books are on your favorite shelf?

My favorite shelf… I guess that’d be this little alcove in my apt’s dining room. It has a mixing of books from my roomie and myself ranging from chick lit to memoirs to classic novels. We also have a pic of us with our college friends and these mugs from Anthropologie, a C and a J.

2. What DVDs are on your favorite shelf?

Well, we don’t really have a DVD shelf; mine are currently in a drawer. Some of my faves are Sleepless in Seattle, The Devil Wears Prada, The Departed, The Notebook, Titanic…the list goes on. For TV series, I have The OC, Will & Grace, My So-Called Life, and Entourage collections.

3. What are your two favorite cookbooks?

I don’t really cook- I think I’ve mentioned that before? I try to cook, haha. I have a few beginnger cookbooks from my mom, and I print recipes I want to try (and really don’t ever make) from websites such as Martha Stewart, Real Simple, and Food Network.

4. Select 1-3 recipes you will cook for your special guests.

I’d bake something since I enjoy baking more…perhaps a fall friendly cupcake like this one?

5. What will we be drinking that's available?

Just bought Absolut Boston, so I am dying to make some cocktails with it!

I now tag the following bloggers behind these blogs- Extra Dressing on. the. Side, carpe diem, Savvy Mode, The Beauty File, Cafe Fashionista, and Bits of Beauty!



  1. I always love learning new things about my fellow bloggers...thanks for sharing!!

  2. it's lovely to read this, nice movies also! xx

  3. see what i'm doing here?? writing you a comment...from home...from my new tiny baby netbook!!
    YAY!! thanks again for tagging me, hun.

  4. the notebook, and the O.C I like!!!!

    I think the O.C. is one of my fav. drama series of all time... :D


  5. WHERE'D YOU GET THE ABSOLUT BOSTON?? i saw it in a mag, and i want the bottle!!

  6. i want the absolut boston bottle!!

  7. I love Absolut Boston, it has a great flavor to it and makes great cocktails- enjoy!

  8. Oh, so fun...will definitely do this one! I love sharing! I have the "L" mug and the "S" one in my cabinet!! Thanks for the tag doll! Also LOVING the Michelle Williams glamorous self in Vogue!

  9. Ok, I am dying to know what Absolute Boston is??

    Why don't we have Absolute Scottsdale?? LOL

  10. OMG! I luv reading your ANSWERS! This was solely FUN!!!:)



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