Safety first?

Hmm, I usually love The Zoe Report emails, even if the piece is out of my price range. I enjoy RZ's witty writing coupled with her signature phrases, and her selections vary from clothes to books to jewelry. Today, I didn't really enjoy learning about a $1,000 pair of ....SAFETY PINS. Really RZ? Clever play on words with the "safety first", but doting on $1,000 safety pins is ridiculous for these times, even if they are, as she says, "elegantly mixing nineties punk and undeniable glamour". In this case, I will take wallet first, safety second.

What do you think of RZ's choice today?



  1. crazy money but i like the earring idea! will shop at f21 for those babies.

  2. They are very cute but I'm sure you could find ones for a LOT less at forever21, charlotte russe or one of those stores. Would definitively make for a cute accessorie to a simple outfit! Thanks for the post!


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