I am wearing 3 rings today that I bought years ago at this lovely store in Kennebunkport, ME (where my fam vacations every year). Each one is silver and has tiny script of the following:

starlite starbrite first start i see tonite
it's not the destination it's the journey
may your wildest dreams come true

I think there were other lines to choose from, but I choose these 3. I have come to like little sayings and words on jewelry. It's typically small and since you've chosen the piece, personal and meaningful for you. The rings are by Amy Peters Studio- check out her work here.

One extremely talented jewelry designer with scripted words is Jeanine Payer. Her pieces are so delicate and beautiful. The quotes are normally ones I have never heard before and are so inspirational. I have one necklace but would love to get a bracelet like this one.

Do you own engraved jewelry? If not, here are some pieces at every price.

PS: Fashion's Night Out is tonight- if you are in NYC, let us know where you went, who you saw, and what you bought! Here's a guide from the NY Post and also my fantasy FNO.




    I have this!


  2. i love words on jewelry. that polyvore pretty much captures my obsession. and i adore your rings. you picked some great sayings.

  3. I've never really thought about words on jewelry but seeing your rings makes me think I should get some too!

  4. I love your rings... I don't have any engraved jewelry but I'm loving your rings. I'll check them out.

  5. Fabulous polyvore...I love engravings on rings especially...and DUDE I wish I was at FNO!

  6. Ilove inspirational pieces like this. Your rings are fab!

  7. I don't have any jewel pieces like these. BTW, I am with you on the Fancy Yellow diamond. it won't be an engagment ring, but it will be a something ring one day. : )

  8. OMG! I luv your RINGS! I don't own any engraved pieces but I do want that ONE OF A KIND FAB BRACELET!!!:)


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