Style you Sunday: work colleague

My work colleague needs a look to wear for her boyfriend's work cocktail party. I put together a look that is sophisticated and fun. With work events, I think the key is exuding that you are professional and chic, but also show some of your personality. You never know who you are going to meet and network with at these types of events.

I started with the LRD (little red dress) which is perfect for fall. It's fitted but doesn't show off too much skin. Then I added gold and black accessories to pop against the red and add some fun. The slingbacks are a medium heel for comfort.

Now your turn: Comment with a link to an item you want me to style for you! You will be featured on next week's Style you Sunday! :)



  1. I absolutely adore this look. It's fashionable, chic, stylish, sexy, but not slutty. I'd definitely wear this to a work party!

  2. LRD! LOVE IT! I love red...I need more of it in my life I think...

    Happy Sunday love!

  3. I love the dress and the total look spells chic and elegance.

  4. So sophisticated (:

    I made the Tiramisu cupcakes! (: They actually turned out quite delicious, if I may say so myself (;

    bisous, xx

  5. Oh man! I just realized that I don't have a little red dress. The shame of it all!

  6. how perfect! it's just the right time to start wearing red...and that bracelet is gorgeous. i just got one like that from bergdorf goodman...wonder if it's the same brand?

  7. Great look! I'd love to see you do a look for a denim shirt. I bought one on a whim a little while ago, but I only wore it once! Can't seem to think of anything...

  8. This is such a great look! I love it! I'd love to see white long-sleeved shirt styled. I have one but hardly wear it... I think it's too plain for me so any ideas on how to spice it up?


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